Bad Boy Styles

Hey, my name is Lisa and I'm 16. I lived in L.A. but my dad's boss moved him in London and we had to move. He was military and hardly ever was at home. He was working all the time, while me and my bigger brother stayed at home with our mom. I didn't talk with her very much, we always had spats. I was a little bit scared from the school in which I'd study. It was one of the greatest in England, but I had to live in hostel at school and If I want I can go home at Saturday and Sundays. I had to have a roommate. I thought that everything's gonna be ok, but I've met him... The schools bad boy, Harry Styles.


4. Chapter 3

Lisa's P.O.V.

In what the hell I got involved?! My phone vibrated, I got a message. It said " You have 5 minutes, love. If you don't get out, I'll come and take you out on my way ;) Kisses - Harry .xx " I wondered what to do. I didn't want to go out, but I knew that he can come here, break the door and took me out forcibly. But in other way, I could wake up Emma, she'd make a decision, right? I sat next to her and shook her shoulders. " Em... Emma, wake up. Harry is here! " I said and she jump out of the bed, screaming. She looked around frightened, and then looked at me confusedly. I told her what was happened and showed her the SMS. " What are we gonna do? I don't want to go! " I said. " He has marked you! Holy shit, Styles has marked you! We must go away from here, while Styles found other target. Then we'd back here and live ours life calmly. But that'd be impossible, during the devil's marked you. " She said. " What now? " I asked. " He won't get in here. Harry just wants to scare you.. If he came to the balcony, don't go... He's a devil, you'll get nightmares. " I giggled and noded. We got to our beds again and I closed my eyes. I was in a way to fall asleep, but I felt a light wind and decided that might the window is open. I opened my eyes slowly and saw that someone was holding me and started to rappel me down. I got scared. He left me on the ground. I was ready to run, but he held my hand. " Don't even think about it! " I heard a known voice. Harry. I got goosebumps and noded. After all it was midnight and I was outside with a person, who my friend calls " devil " . I shivering and stepped away with few steps from him, while he was tying his shoes. That was my chance to escape, and I'm sure, that if Ema was here, she would say " What the hell are you doing?! This's the devil, run! " But I didn't do it. Every part of my body wanted to run, but something stopped me. When he was done, he looked at me confusedly. " You didn't escape... Why? " . " Should I? " I asked scared. " No, of course no. I'd catch you up. " He started walking towards me and I made a step away. " Honey... I won't hurt you... " He said and continued walking towards me. I didn't move. When he was before me, he hugged me. I didn't move. In my head was Ema, telling me that that guy is a devil. " Come on, just a little... " He said. " W-what are you talking about? " I asked scared. " First - You mustn't scare from me. I won't hurt you. Second - Hug me, just a little... Pleasee! " He said. It was very weird. I had seen him in other side, and now he was hugging me and asking me to do the same. I hugged him and he put his head on my shoulder. " Now what? " I asked. " I don't know, I just wanted to go out with you.. " I was still hugging him, but I was still scared too. Before few minutes, I didn't run away, but now I done it. I kicked him and started to run. " LISA! I'LL CATCH YOU! " I realised that he was running after me. I hiden myself into shrubs. He continued running and didn't see me. When I was sure that he's far away from me, I got out and started to run towards my room. I saw a person, who was running against me, but it wasn't Harry, so I passed him. But he held my elbow. " Why you're running so fast? Where're you going, lets have a little good time. " He tried to kiss my neck, but I pulled him. " Find another girl, who will wants you, because I don't! " I tried to run away, but he caught me again. He took off my shirt and started kissing my clavicle. I started screamming, but he slapped me. I felt down on the grass and he sat top of me. " Nobody will hear you, sweatheart. " He kissed my neck and I started to scream. I knew that Harry was around, but I didn't think that only mads and crazy people go out through the midnight. I recognised his face, it was Richard. " You.... HARRY! " I started screaming Harry's name, hoping that he would hear me. I realised that Richard was drunk. I heard Harry's shouts and less a minute, Richard wasn't over me. Harry pulled him. " How many times, I have to repeat you that this girl is mine?!?!! " He started fighting him. I started crying. I was still scared, but I got next to them and touched Harry's shoulder. " Harry, please... Stop... " I said, but as if he didn't hear me. I was like the air. " Harry please! " I shouted. " Why I should leave him?! Because he'd rape my girl?! " He continued. " Because I want to prove Ema! " I shouted. " To prove Ema what? " He asked. " That you're devil. That you're worse than the devil. And you don't help me, so please stop... " He stopped and I saw that he had thought. If he was thinking to continue fighting him or not? Or he was thinking that we were thinking that he was worse than the devil? Or both? No mather what it was he stood up. His eyes was dark. He started walking towards me, I didn't move. He was before me, his eyes radiatede so much anger and rage... But he just hugged me. I was scared from Richard, but in other way Harry was scaring me so much. I lied, when I told him that I wanna prove Ema, that he's not a devil. Actually, I knew that he was devil, a few seconds ago he proved it. But he proved that he's not a devil. If he was, he wouldn't stop and come to me and hug me, would he? Harry was between devil and the perfect boy. I started crying on his shoulder, while I was still shivering. I hugged him tighter. " Thank you, Harry! " I mumbled. " Nobody can touch my girl! Did I prove it? " He hugged me over y shoulder and we started walking towards our rooms. I just nodded. For Ema he was devil, for me too. But from now on, he was my hero. We went to his room. I sat on his bed and he told me to wait him there. I looked the room, it was normal. After a while he backed shirtless with a cup with hot chocolate. He gave it to me and sat next to me. He started painting circles on my back and humming reassuringly. I was calmer now. I drunk the hot choclate fast and left the cup on the nightstand. I looked at him and smiled. I kissed him, slowly. He pulled me to lay on the bad and kissed me too. The kiss was slow and continuous. " What was that for? " He asked, kissing my forehead. " What was what? " I asked. " The kiss... I thought that you still don't like me and think me for devil?... " I kissed him again. " I like you, and I just wanted to kiss you. " He smiled. I cuddled into him and before I felt asleep, my thoughts was thinking for tomorrow. For the lecture, which Ema was going to read me. But I was ready, and felt asleep...


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