Bad Boy Styles

Hey, my name is Lisa and I'm 16. I lived in L.A. but my dad's boss moved him in London and we had to move. He was military and hardly ever was at home. He was working all the time, while me and my bigger brother stayed at home with our mom. I didn't talk with her very much, we always had spats. I was a little bit scared from the school in which I'd study. It was one of the greatest in England, but I had to live in hostel at school and If I want I can go home at Saturday and Sundays. I had to have a roommate. I thought that everything's gonna be ok, but I've met him... The schools bad boy, Harry Styles.


3. Chapter 2

Lisa's P,O.V.

" Nice to meet you Lisa, I'm Harry " Oh, god.. That Harry, for who Ema was talking about... Now I was next to him. Perfect... " How are you with the Maths? " He asked and smiled. " No! Me and Maths in one sentence it's the worst thing in the world. " We both laughed. He looked very nice, I didn't know why that he's breaking the rules, makes him so "dangerous" . " Hey, what're you going to do tonight? " He asked. " Em... I don't know, why? " . " I want to break the rules and get out of the hostel for a few hours... Do you wanna come? " Perfect! Now I don't have to ask Ema about it, I'll get out with him. " Yes. " I answered. We started to write notes to each other. He was very nice and it was funny. Before the teacher went to us. " Do you want to share something to the others? Johnson? Styles? " We kept silent. " Good, I'd like to show your classmates your notes. " She grabbed the notes and opened it. Holly shit! She mustn't read that! There we were talking about how we're going to get out tonight, or how I broke Clarissa's nose, or how stupid and boring is her class. Then Harry stood up. " You'll take us the notes, or I'll make your life a veritable hell. " He snapped his fingers and two boys, which outfits were similar like Harry's, got next to him. The teacher left the notes on my desk. " Johnson, Styles... GET OUT OF MY CLASS, RIGHT NOW! " Now I understood. I  understood what kind of "dangerous" was Harry. A bad boy and I really didn't want to have nothing in common with him. So I got my things into my bag and got out with tears in my eyes. I've never been kicked out from class. No matter what it was, even Maths... Harry ran after me. " Hey, wait me! " He said. " I changed my decision. I won't go out tonight, sorry. " I said. " What did you said?!?!?! " He said with an angrily voice. " You've heard me. I'm not going to break the rules, now leave me, I have Chemistry. " But he caught me and pulled me to the lockers. " You'll come! " . " No, I won't! LEAVE ME ALONE! " I shouted. " What did you just do?!?! Did you raised your voice to me?!?! " His eyes got darker. He gripped my wrists and looked into my eyes. I was a bit scared and nodded negatively. " And I think so. You're coming! " He said. " No. " I answered and he laughed. He slid his hand on my thigh. " You sure? " I looked around, trying to find a teacher who'll can help me. But no, everyone was in class. Here were only Harry and me. He gripped my tight and got his lips closer to my neck. Then he made me a painful hickey. " Have you thing like before yet? " He asked with a smile on his face and started to kissing the place, where he was made the hickey.  " I'll come, just let me go! " I said and he pulled away from me. " See you tonight, love. " He said. " Don't tell me love, we're not together! " I said and started walking to the Chemistry. He shouted after me : " We'll see. " Then he laughed and I started to walk faster. I didn't see him anymore. It was time for the big break. I went to the dining room and saw Ema. I hugged her. " What's going on? " I asked and he pointed the boy from the picture, which she was show me. " Look, this is Richard! " Then Harry went around us, smiled and winked at me. When he was already next to Richard and talking to him I turned to Ema. " WHY THE DEVIL IS WINKING AT YOU!?!??!?!! " I mute his mouth and pulled her to the garden. " Look, I can explain. It's not my fault. I just got into the classroom and there was no places that I can sit and I had to sit next to him... " I said and looked at the ground. " You had to sit straight!!! Do you know how dangerous is he?! You're not going to the Math class tomorrow... Anymore next 1 month, I'll help you with the material. He's devil, Lisa, devil! Why don.... " She shut up and looked at my neck. " HICKEY?!?!? Are you kidding me?! I told you to stay away from him, what are we going to do now?!?!?! " She yelled. " Em, that was not my fault! I just went to the classroom and talked to him. He looked nice and I thought that you don't want me to talk to him, because he's breaking the rules. He asked me if I'll want to break the rules with him tonight and i agreed. We started to writing notes to each other. The teacher took it and he stood up, called 2 boys. They scared the teacher, she backed us the notes and kicked us out. I've never been kicked out from class before! I realized that he's bad boy and started walking faster, but he caught me and... I'm really sorry... " I said sadly. " That boy is devil, snake, everything the worst. Noo, he won't have you, you're not going anywhere tonight! " She said. " There's no way... " I said. " The contrary! We'll lock in our room and we won't open to anyone, include Clarissa. She'll be angry, but that's the way to stay away from Styles! And by the way, we'll watch more TV. " She answered and I nodded.  We got back and when we saw the food, we decided to eat outside. We bought hot-dogs and while we were eating them, Harry walked around us, winked at me and bitten his down lip. Ema pulled me closer to her. " Devil... That devil won't refuse from you that easy, Lis... " She said. " But why? " I asked. " Why? Really? Because you're beautiful, intelligent and the most importantly : You're innocent. He wants that, the devil wants you innocent! But he won't has it! " She answered. We decided to escape from other classes. We went to a garden, around the school. We bought an ice cream and sat on the ground. " Isn't Harry 17? Why is he in my class? " I asked. " He's repeating the year... Richard either. I hope that that devil will repeat again and got away from us! " I giggled. The way that she was calling him devil, making me laughing. We were sitting and talking about him a lot. Yes, I was a little bit scared, but I found it funny. We took a bath into the fountains and the security started to scold us, then kicked us. We had a good time. We got home and took a real bath. It was hard to wait her to go out from the bathroom. Then we made our hairs and decided to eat chips and not go into the dining room. We ate it and started watching TV. It was 9.30 and Clarissa knocked, but we were switch off the lights and mute the TV. She decided that we're already asleep and got away. We continued watching TV to 11.30, when I realized that Ema was sleeping. I decided to follow her. I was on a way, when I heard someone to do something on the balcony. That was one of the moments in which I was missing my pan. If my pan was next to me, I'd grab it and punch the guy outside. So I just stood up and went to the door. I pulled the curtains and saw Harry. He show me a note. It said " Go out or I'll get you out! P.s. I'm waiting you at the garden, where were Ema and you today. - H. .xx " Then he jumped from the balcony. In what the hell I got involved?!.... 


A/N Hey guys, here's the second chapter. I hope you like it :) So like, fave and comment, telling me what do you think about it. - Stella xoxo

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