Hogwarts School Story

Plz read the first chapter for the info :) thnx



Hey guys, 

So I will be updating this story everyday or two and I will read every comment. Once a week there will be a sorting ceremony and I will assign you homework (not boring homework), giving out house points and much, much more.

If you would like to be sorted answer the questions below. If you aren't sorted straight after you send in the details, don't worry. Everyone will be sorted. But if three or more sortings have gone by and you still weren't apart of one of them, sent it again.

Name you want to go by:

Age: Everyone is 11 so don't bother saying your age

How much effort you put into school work:

Blood status:

Best class:



What type of friend you like to have:

Anything else you think is important:



P.S You don't have to make a homework Movella. Just email me your homework to my brother's email address: charmer199920022014@gmail.com

If you don't have an email account you can make a homework Movella called 'Hogwarts School Story:Homework'

Thnx for reading. The first sorting will be very soon.


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