Ever since she was little, Izzy has been in Parklington's travelling circus. She's the flyer, flipping through hoops, dangling from trapeze and walking the tightrope. But when an accident occurs, will she still be able to pursue her dream?


1. Our routine

"Hurry up Izzy, your on!"

Mr Marcus, the ringleader shoved me on stage, I could barely smile since my face was caked in makeup. We all knew the routine, off by heart, upside down even with our eyes closed. I did my usual fake smile and sauntered into the tent, I grabbed a trapeze and swung high as the audience looked up in awe. My hands were sweaty but I gripped on, teeth clenched. I double flipped onto the tightrope and steadily landed, twirling and grinning.

Mr Marcus glared from below, he'd always hated me. I simply held my head high and looked at the red star across from me. The music trundled on in the wacky fashion it always did.


We faked our happiness, like we always did.

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