Daddy's Little Redhead

Everyone says my daddy's weird,
He doesn't wear shoes,
And he walks funny,
He sits funny too,
He eats a lot of candy though,
He shares it with me too.

My name is Akena Lawliet. And my daddy is L.


1. Little Red Riding Hood

I stared out into the airport as tears left my eyes. "B-But daddy..." I say looking up at him and he looked down with a frown on his face, not unusual with my dad. "Akena... Promise me whatever happens you look after your mom..." He whispered kissing my forehead. "O-okay" I said frowning and hugging him.

That was the last time I saw my dad.

It's a year later now, I'm 16.

My dad was a world renowned detective named L.

I pulled my hood over my head and stepped into Japan.

My dad was killed her, by Kira.

Kira is a killer who's been killing people with having to be there. I'm working with Near or N. I have my dad's brain. I'm a genius, that's what everyone tells me. I'm to smart for my own good.

I wanted revenge.

He should've left my dad alone.

Hell has no furry on a daughters scorn.

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