After reading Allegiant, I like most people, was very disappointed. This idea came to me and it made me realize that there is still hope and I would like to share this hope with you. This is a one chapter beginning of my sequel to Allegiant. Please vote for me in the competition.


1. Tris

My eyes flutter open and squint against the harsh, white brightness. I look around me. The walls are white and there are monitors all over the room. I am laying on a cold metal table with a thin sheet covering it. I try to sit up from the table, but as I do, a sharp pain shoots up my spine. I gently sit myself back down.

"Hello?" I say to the nothingness around me.

"Ah, Tris! It's nice to see you're awake. My name is Dr. Caytin. How are you feeling?" A strange man enters through the same door as Dr. Caytin when he finishes talking to me.

"What have you done with Tobias? Where's Caleb?" I say. 

"Who?" Says Dr. Caytin.

"Tobias. Caleb. My family? What day is it?" I say, furiously.

"I'm sorry, they are probably all in Chicago or have relocated somewhere else. As for the date, it's been six months since the incident." Dr Caytin says.

"Take me to them. NOW!" I say.

Tobias probably thinks I'm dead. Tears brim the edges around my eyes and make my vision go blurry. No, I can't do this here.

I take this moment to look at Dr. Caytin and his assistant. Dr. Caytin wears a white lab coat similar to the ones worn in Erudite. His black leather shoes are obviously too small for him and you can tell they give him pain when he walks. He's probably in his late forties and his gray balding head proves that. He has a large nose and splinted blue eyes. But his assistant must have been dauntless before. He wears the same lab coat and shoes, but underneath that is all black. I can see the lines of a tattoo poking out of his shirt collar and a ring hanging around his nose. Where am I?

"I'm sorry, but we need you here. We've been studying you and your actions from the last year. You've done a lot in your lifetime. We need that. We are called the Resurgent. At the beginning of the last revolution, all was calm and quiet. But now, something is brewing and every person capable is being drafted into the New Society's army. We've been asking what is going on for months, but they won't tell us. We were planning on letting you go after this, but now, you are more needed than ever." Says Dr. Caytin.

"So what you're telling me is that you have been studying me for the past year? But now you've decided to make me help you?" I say.

Dr. Caytin's face contorts, "Obviously, we haven't been studying you for a year. No, we've watched the things you've done while you were under. To be honest, we didn't even know who you were," he says, looking annoyed.

"Well, then you've seen Tobias and Caleb," I say, my voice speaking with a clarity I didn't know I had.

"Yes, I suppose that's true," he says.

"Fine, then you take me to them and we'll talk," I say. 

Dr. Caytin looks at the other doctor and whispers in a foreign language I don't understand. I never learned languages in Abnegation. We thought that learning what others said when they didn't want us to was selfish. Plus, I don't know if anyone in Chicago knew another language other than maybe the Erudite. I guess the factions doesn't matter anymore.

Dr. Caytin and his assistant look at me for a few seconds and his assistant starts to speak, "Fine, we will take you. But we make no promises about letting them help us."

"Fine. Just take me," I say with a hint of annoyance in my voice. But I don't complain. 

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