Pretty Brown eyes


1. Chapter 1

"OMG! Can you believe that he's coming back for the rest of the year I can't wait to see him" I heard a couple of cheerleaders talking behind me. "Eww it's diner girl" the head of the cheer squad says pushing me into a locker forcing me to the ground, nobody bothers to help me up they just walk past me laughing.

Welcome to my life... Yes as you can probably tell I'm not popular at all and I get bullied every single day I'm in this hell hole they call school. Hey my name is Natalie I'm 16 years old turning 17 in a few weeks from now. Im the youngest girl in my grade and I have one best friend her name is Ellie I actually don't know how I'm friends with Ellie because she is so beautiful I mean she has long blonde hair green eyes and she had a bikini body. I on the other hand had brown curly hair blue eyes and tanned skin. I always wore clothes that you know covered my parts. Today I was wearing a black beanie, black ripped skinny jeans a white singlet and one of my brothers baggy shirts over the top. I have a really big family well I had a really big family, my mum died in a car accident two years ago which brought our whole family a lot closer together them before, then there's my dad he's a talent agent and doesn't really come home that often but when he does he spends most of his time buying us clothes and junk food but we don't mind, the next in line are my five brothers Aj aged 21,taj aged 20 ,Cyrus aged 16 (he's my twin like legit),Alex aged 15,Chris aged 27 and kale aged 25 they were all strong and muscley and played rugby, basketball, they did boxing and went to the gym nearly every day, next in line is my eldest sister taz aged 24 she was like the mother of the house seeing as ours wasn't there and dad only came home once every few months. The next one is me then my two younger sisters Brianna aged 14 and grace aged 8 they were so adorable when they weren't annoying the hell out of everyone the baby of the family was Michael aged 4 he was born two years before my mother died and was in the same car with her but he was rescued with only a few scratches.

Natalie's P.O.V

Okay so those girls are the cheerleaders the most popular girls in school A.K.A my bully's I hated them with all my heart but I never had the guts to stand up to them. "Eww it's diner girl" you probably heard them say well I actually don't know where that came from because I don't even have a job just rumours. The person they were all excited to see was none other than Harry Edward Styles. I didn't really have much interest in him because I had absolutely no chance with him so why bother? Right?. I make my way to form quickly so I wasn't late and so I didn't run into "him" yeah that's right I have a crush on somebody. Coming from me that's apparently a shock because I'm not the kinda girl that dates guys but anyway his name was Niall Horan OMFG! He was Gorgeous I mean than blonde spikey hair and Irish accent just drove me insane! Oh dear oh no oh wow this is not happening he's... OMG! He's coming this way! AHHH!. I walk slowly hoping he would notice that I wasn't trynna be early or anything. I walk through the door and hear a voice yell out from behind me "hey Niall" oh shit I knew that voice all too well it was the one and only Shelby Tomlinson. Yeah yeah you guess Louis Tomlinsons little sister. I hated her soo much and she hated me and that was the only thing we had in common

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