1D concert experience

As keighley, paige get a surprise to go to a 1D concert,something changes there life. They have to make a life changing choice. What will they choose? Find out more by reading the story!!
Based on a true story with a little twist.


1. The surprise!

It's a Saturday morning, Louise and Jess were having a sleepover.Louise wakes up to the sound of her mother shouting her to wake up. She wakes Jess up and they walk down the stairs. Louise's house is massive, the stairs are spiral and the lights are chandeliers.Louise's mum is called Becky.She is in the music business, she works along side bands and singers.Louise thinks nothing of her mum's job unlike Jess. Jess thinks Louise is very lucky to have a mum that works with celebrities but Louise hates it cause she never get's to see her much. Her mum is going off to work again and tells the two girls she is finishing work early. Louise is suspicious about the whole idea but Jess doesn't realise. The girls go upstairs again to Louise's huge room to get ready for going out to hang with some mates. Louise opens her walk in closet and chooses out her clothes. (look her for her choice)  http://www.realgirlglam.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Polka-Dots-Purple-1.jpg           

After they were ready they went out the house and met up with their mates Sophie, Mia, Amy-Leigh, Harry,Myles,Josh,Jordan,Nathan at the cafe.They went to the park and hung out there for a few hours. Louise got a call from her mother telling her and Jess to walk home as fast as they can.So Louise and Jess said there good-byes and then ran home as fast as possible. When they reached the house they opened the door to see her mum waiting in the kitchen watching the plasma tv until she heard them walk in. Becky turned the Tv off and there was a long silence till Louise asked what was the rush. "Girls i was at work and i was working in my office when the door opened and One direction walked in. Louis said that I was going to be there manager. Harry and Niall saw a picture of you both on my desk. They told me that you get to MEET THEM AND GO ON TOUR WITH THEM WITH ME!!!!" Louise and Jess look at each other and scream at the to of their voice. Jessica asks Becky if she was being serious and Becky replies "yes"                                                                           "When do we get to meet them"Louise asks.                                                                                                                                                   "Well they are going to be here at 1:00 Pm sharp. But unfortunately I won't be here with you I have a meeting in Wales so won't be here all week." Becky answers. Louise and Jess jet upstairs to get into better clothes and do their make-up.               (the girls outfits are below)

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-W6BkHEKJmvk/TlKp8Ppk_iI/AAAAAAAAABE/3yrLNr56K-o/s1600/11.png (louise's clothes)

http://chicstories.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/maxazriamileycyrusdesigns04.jpg (jess's clothes)

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