Stolen Hearts ~Oliver Twist Fanfiction~

When rich girls Elizabeth and Rachael meet Oliver, their futures become tied to his past.


In this book, Nancy, Bill and Fagin are still alive cause yeah.



2. Chapter One ~Elizabeth~

Chapter One ~Elizabeth~

"Elizabeth Whyte!"

I groan and wake up, slowly rubbing my eyes. "What?" I shout to the intruder of my sleep.

My mother stands over me. "You have school. Up. Washed. Dressed. Go." After stating that, she turns and storms from the room.

I flump back down into bed, waiting at least a good fifteen minutes more before finally getting up.

When I finally do, I quickly slip into my white dress, usual uniform for me, and grabbing a slice of toast, run down the street. On the way, I pick up my friend, Rachael, who lives a few doors down. She's dressed in her usual stuff too.

The bell rings just as we enter the gates. We are late. Fan-flipping-tastic.


"Phew." I murmur after school os over,"That was close. Mrs.Clad almost gave us detentions!"

Rachael, who had been listening attentively, grimaced. "Yeah.

But I guess we kind of did deserve what we got. We've been late so many times,"

I kick a stone, sending it flying. My temper soon disappears, though, for it turns out Rachael is coming over for a sleepover! It's a pleasant surprise, as our parents must have arranged it without us knowing. Rachael grabs her stuff and runs over to mine. However, when she knocks on the door, I come to the other side. "What's the magic wo-ord?"

Rachael sighed. "Elizabeth is great,"

I grin. "Yup."

"Open the door then!"

Remembering that in order to get through the door, one must open it, I did just that. Rachael fell, literally fell, through it. She must have been leaning on it. She had a habit of doing that.


The next afternoon, I saw a most peculiar sight. We were walking back from school, Rachael talking the whole way as usual, when I spotted her. She was just sitting there, watching us with a piercing blue gaze. I nudge Rachael and point the girl out.

Rachael sniffs. "She's obviously a street girl. A lowlife."

I glance between my friend and the girl, whose eyes were still fixed on me, before slowly walking over to her and sitting next to her. She narrowed her eyes.

"I'm Elizabeth," I begin slowly,"What's your name? Why are you out here?"

The girl looks at me, weighing up some internal decision before grinning.

"I'm Skye,"

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