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[5sos and not famous yet]17 year-old Kendall Hilton is forced to move from Britain to Australia, After both her parents die in a plane crash. She is now going to live with her Aunt Joy and Cousin Calum Hood. After Kendall get off the plane in Australia, and goes to Calum's house he introduces her to his three Best friends Ashton, Michael And Luke. Luke and Kendall start off with hating each other, after a while they start to fall for each other.


7. vii.

 Kendall's P.O.V.

  '' Luke, i mean it'' I said, once more. Then he gently put me in the water.

  '' See, is that so bad ?'' He asked, i gave him the death look.

 '' Now my clothes are all wet, I'm going to kill you'' I said, he smirked.

 '' aw did i make Kendall mad ?'' He asked, and laughed and then began to swim.I suddenly, saw two men with guns they weren't really close to us.

'' Luke'' I said, and he came out from the water.

  '' What ?'' he asked

 '' Over there'' I said, and pointed to the guys with the guns.

 '' Their hunters, but we should probably go'' He said and then picked me up.

 '''' I said, he threw me across his shoulder and i started hitting his back again.We finally got by our stuff, he put me down.

 '' Get your stuff quickly'' he said, i nodded. I put my shoes on and then got my shoulder bag and put it on.   I saw Luke and he was putting on his clothes. I walked towards him.

  '' Ready ?'' he asked, i nodded.

 '' AYE YOU TWO, THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY " One of the men yelled.

 '' Run'' I said

 And that's what we did we ran back to the car. We finally got to the car, I quickly got in the car and so did Luke, he pulled out his Keys and quickly drove off.  We were both out of breathe.

 " That was close'' He said.

 '' yea, and now I'm all wet'' I said looking down at my clothes.      

  '' Are you really going to complain again ?'' Luke asked, i looked out the window.

 '' Yes'' I said. He sighed and stopped the car and got out, I looked at him and he went to the back of the trunk.  Then i heard him slam it, which made me jump.  He came back inside the car and threw me a blanket, and then started the car again.  I took my shoulder bag off and grabbed my song book and pen.

Then i put my bag on the floor and put the blanket on my lap to keep my song book dry.

I started to write some lyrics for a song i was writing on.


I can't sleep tonight

 Wide awake and so confused
Everything's in line
But I am bruised

I need a voice to echo
 I need a light to take me home
 I kinda need a hero
 Is it you?
   "Kendall'' I looked up.

 '' Yes, Luke ?'' I asked, he looked at me i looked at his eyes. I swear every time i look at them i get lost in them.

   '' Uh yea'' I said, shit. No don't do this Kendall your supposed to hate him.

'' What do you write in that book ?'' he asked for the second time. i sighed.

 '' Just some lyrics'' I said, he looked back at the road.

 '' So do you sing ?'' He asked, what was with this guy and asking questions.

    '' no...yes'' i said.

 '' Really, i thought you said you didn't ?'' He asked with a smirk.

 '' Hey are we still in the middle of nowhere ?'' I asked trying to change the subject, i really didn't want him to ask me to sing.

 '' No, i think i know where we are now... now tell me why did you lie to the guys and i'' He said, i ran a hand over my hair.

 '' I...i don't know i guess i thought Cal or Ash would ask me to sing'' 

   '' Okay, but i don't think the guys would do that, i mean yea they act like idiots and like to hear people sing but i don't think they would force you to sing'' He said as he took a turn to the right.

  '' I don't know i mean, i just get really nervous I've never really sung in front of anyone'' I said, and looked back at my lyrics.

   '' How about you, why did you stop writing lyrics ?'' I asked changing the subject about me to him.he tensed up a bit.

  '' Reasons'' He said strictly, i didn't want to pressure him so i didn't ask him.  I looked back at my lyrics and then closed the book and looked out the window.  We stayed in silence.  As i looked out the window i saw that we were now on a highway.  Luke cleared his throat.

 '' I think your phone might have signal'' He said, i bent down to get my phone from my shoulder bag.  Once i got my phone out i sat up again and unlocked my phone.  And sure enough i had signal,  i texted Cal.

 Kendall: We are almost home.

 I put my phone on my lap and waited for Cal to text back.

 Cal: OKAY, How are you and Luke doing ?

UGH, he just had to bring Luke up.

Kendall: Horrible, He decide to take a short-cut and then we got lost and then his car broke down, then we were chased by theses two guys with guns. Cal i hate him. His Stubborn.  

  " Who are you texting ?" Luke asked, i didn't bother looking up at him.

  "That's none of your concern" I said sternly, he mumbled something that i couldn't understand.

 '' What ?'' I asked, this time looking at him.

 '' That's none of your concern'' He said mocking me and using my words.

  '' You know what, I hate you Luke Robert Hemmings'' I said Harshly and loudly for him to hear.

  '' And I hate you too Kendall Marie Hilton, So i guess we're even'' He said, I gave him a disgusting look and turned to my phone. And texted Cal.

 Cal: Just give him time.

 Kendall: I Hate Him.


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