Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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75. Episode 75

It goes to a scene in the house, it is night time. Everyone is inside the living room except Mina, Mino, Radha, Prem, Abhi and Pia. They are with 3 police officers. 

PoliceMan: So we have the pictures, the details and everything we need. Do you have any other information about Pia Sachin Patel? (Prem and Abhi start knocking on the door.)

Kokila: Who is that? (Everyone gets up and Kokila opens the door.) Prem! Abhi! What are you doing here? Office arrest this man! 

Abhi: Wait!

Amber: Get this man away!

Sachin: How dare you touch my daughter?

Devesh: Officer get this man!

Abhi: Please, we need to tell you something. 

Prem: We have found Pia. 

Sachin: Where is she? 

Prem: First of all, where is Mina Aunty? 

Kajal: I saw her go out. I don’t know where though. Just a few minutes ago.

Prem: Get in to the car, everyone! (Everyone gets into on of the cars and drives off.) 

It goes to a scene with Radha in Sachin and Mina’s bedroom. She is talking to herself.

Radha: Where has everyone gone? I feel so left out. The family never include me in any of there adventures. I will have my own adventures in my Mum and Dad’s room. (She goes into there cupboard and finds the book.) Oh, this seems interesting. What is in this book? (She opens the book and reads it.) Radha, Radha, I hope you are listening to this carefully. This book is a list of things that I want you to do. When I am gone I want you to do these things. (Stops reading.) I wonder what these things are. (She turns the page and looks at them. She then is shocked.) I cannot do these things. What is Mum thinking? (She turns the page and goes to the last page. She starts reading this.) You might be thinking, why am I asking you do all of these horrible things. Well there is a reason to all of this. 

It goes to a scene with Prem, Abhi, Kokila, Sachin and Kajal in a car together. 

Prem: We think Mina has done all of this. 

Kokila: I will only believe it when I see it. 

Kajal: I agree. Mina has turned a new leaf and I think she has transformed herself into a good mother and a good daughter-in-law. 

Sachin: She has also been an excellent wife. She has been nothing but perfect. She raised Radha all on her own and she has been such a good girl. 

It goes back to Radha reading the book.

Radha: This family have done nothing but ruined my life. They kicked me out of the house when I was pregnant with you and I had to move in with Tim, the man that I loved. I was forced to marry Sachin by my parents but I always looked after him and his family. I always thought you to be good to your grandparents and always told them great stuff about them to you but they don’t care about us. They never did. They never wanted us to be a part of there life. They never wanted me as there daughter-in-law. We have finally moved back into this house and they are treating me with respect but I know inside that they do not want us, they don’t want me. They separated me from Tim. I know that he lived with us but he then left us. Well this family are the reason, and this is the reason I want to destroy this family. The reason why I am asking you for help is because you have picked up this book and the reason is probably that they are driving me away as we speak. That is why I need your help, help me destroy this family, because they never wanted us and it is our turn to take revenge. Help your mother. 

It goes to a scene in the shed and Mina enters the shed. Pia and Mino are unlocked and they are standing. 

Mina: How did you get unlocked? 

Mino: We are more clever than you. 

Pia: I really thought you have changed into a better person, but you haven’t. I hate you. 

Mina: Shut up! I never liked you. 

Mino: You have kept me here for such a long time, somedays without food nor water but not it ends here. 

Mina: What are you doing to do? (She picks up the lighter and turns it on.) Go back on the floor or I will burn you alive. 

Mino: Please, just let us go!

Mina: Get back on the floor. 

Pia: Please, we take it back. Now put it away. 

Mina: I will burn you. That is my plan. That is why I have brought you here. 

Pia: We will go back on the floor. (They sit on the floor.) 

Mina: GOOD! (She handcuffs them.) Nobody moves form here. Ever! (She opens the door of the shed and Kokila and everyone else expect for Radha are standing outside of the door.) You! (Kokila slaps Mina.) 

Kokila: How dare you do such an evil act? I don’t know how I will be able to forgive you! Take her away! (The Police Officers take Mina.) 

PoliceMan: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?

Mina: Yes. 

Pia: Help us! Get us out! 

One of the police officers unlocks them and Pia and Mino get up and come out of the shed. 

Pia: Ba! (She runs to her and hugs Kokila.) 

Kokila: Are you okay? 

Mino: Please call a ambulance for us?

PoliceMan: Yes! 

Kokila: Mino. (Kokila runs to her and hugs her.) Are you okay? 

Mino: I am fine! 

Kokila: How long have you been here? 

Mino: For a long time. 2 weeks. 

Kokila: Please come with us. We need to go to a hospital now. 

Kajal: (Kajal runs to her.) I will look after you! (They walk away.) 

It goes to a scene with Radha.

Radha: Mum, I have understood everything and I have taken everything in! I will do these tasks! I will complete them all and make sure I make my mark well! Mum, I will make you proud! I will, Mum! 

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