Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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66. Episode 66

It goes to a scene with Abhi and Amber in the car, they are just talking. Abhi pulls over to the Premier Inn parking lot. 

Abhi: Here we are. 

Amber: Really, I thought it was Holiday Inn. 

Abhi: Nope, always Premier Inn. 

Amber: Are you sure?

Abhi: Hundred per cent, now lets go. Remember we are going to the room first because we are early.

Amber: Yes, Abhi. I remember. (They get out the car and walk to the hotel.) 

It goes to a scene with Prem and Pia in there car and they are driving and looking outside. 

Pia: How long is it away from Holiday Inn?

Prem: Around 15 minutes away.

Pia: So it seems like Abhi will get what he wants. 

Prem: Don’t worry, everything will be fine! 

It goes to a scene with Mahi, Raj, Kokila, Kajal, Devesh and Shashi in the living room. 

Shashi: Why would they call to find out where they are? I am so confused. 

Kokila: I don’t know. 

Kajal: I hope Amber is okay.

Raj: She will be fine. (Mina enters.) 

Mina: What is going on?

Kajal: Pia is trying to find where Amber and Abhi are gone for the wedding reception. 

Mina: Oh which venue is it in. 

Kajal: We don’t know. But we have 2 choices: Holiday Inn and Premier Inn. 

Mina: Oh, I think it is Holiday Inn. 

Kokila: Really. 

Mina: Yes because Amber told me. Is Amber not answering her phone?

Mahi: Nope, we tried that. 

Mina: (Mina leaves and goes to the bathroom and closes the door. She then opens her phone and calls Abhi.) Abhi, where are you?

Abhi: (Abhi is in the corner of the Hotel and you can see Amber in the lobby.) We are at Premier Inn. We are waiting for a free room, there isn’t any because I booked it with Holiday Inn. 

Mina: Okay good. Keep it that way. I rocked the boat and now everyone is confused as to which venue it is. Have fun tonight and just make sure you don’t get caught. After you have done the deed, run away. You have the money I gave you right.

Abhi: Yes, along with my passport and my flight tickets. I will run away. I must say, I really didn’t wanna go this at first but now I have changed because of the money you gave me. Now I am free to do anything. 

Mina: And this is all I want you to do. This is just to teach her a lesson. She will never mess with me again.

Abhi: Okay I better go now. 

Mina: Take care, bye. (Mina puts her phone away and goes out of the bathroom and to the living room.)

Kokila: So did you find anything?

Mina: What?

Kokila: Well I presume you were calling Amber. 

Mina: Well I tried both Amber and Pia but they weren’t picking up. 

Kokila: Try again, call Amber again. See what is going on. 

Mina: Okay I will. (She tries to call her again and then they all hear a phone ring and the phone is next to the TV.) 

Kokila: She left her phone at home.

Devesh: We will never find out what the problem was. I wonder if it was anything bad. 

Shashi: Everyone, let’s just stay positive. Everything will be fine. I am sure of it. (He goes and picks up Amber’s phone.) 

Raj: Wait a minute. Kakie, you said that you tried Amber’s phone. Why didn’t it ring?

Mina: I don’t know. I tried. 

Shashi: Also it doesn’t say that you missed called her yet. 

Raj: So how did you contact Amber, if you did.

Mina: Urm!

It goes to a scene with Abhi and he walks back to Amber. 

Amber: Who was that on the phone?

Abhi: Oh just a client trying to tell me new information. I just told him to tell me tomorrow. Can’t be bothered to work when I have to spend time with you. 

Amber: So where is the wedding because nothing is going on here? 

Abhi: Well, it is here somewhere. Probably at the back. Anyways anything can happen, they might jet us all somewhere else. 

Amber: Well I don’t think they will do that. 

Abhi: Besides we are an hour early. It is only seven o’clock. 

Amber: Well okay. 

Lady1: (She comes to Abhi.) Okay Sir, here is your key. Enjoy! (She hands the key to him.)

Abhi: Oh we will. We will explore all the feathers of the wedding. 

Amber: We sure will. This will be great. Come on let’s go. (They go up the stairs.) 

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