Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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6. Episode 6

Simran is in the cafe and a girl comes up to her, it is Amber.

Simran: Hello? Are you my cousin?

Amber: Yes, hi! (They shake hands.) My dad’s just parking the car. He brought me here to meet you.

Simran: You have totally changed. You look so different. If you come back no one will recognise you.

Amber: Really?

Simran: Totally! (They both laugh; Sachin comes in the cafe and walks up to them. He is about to hug Simran.) Just stop right there.

Sachin: What happened?

Simran: You are what happened. You made my life hell.

Sachin: How is Raj?

Simran: Taking his anger out on me.

Sachin: What is he doing to you?

Simran: Nothing now what do you want?

Sachin: I have come here to tell you I have changed, I am going to divorce Mina and I want to be part of the family. Mina is long gone.

Amber: It is true bhen!

Simran: What do you want from me?

Sachin: Do you have any ideas where I can meet them?

Simran: Here is a plan, knock on the door and say I’m back.

Amber: To boring.

Simran: Well there is one thing. We are having a mother’s day party. You come with Amber and re-unite with us. Prove to us that you have actually changed.

Sachin: Ba and Dada are not coming to be there.

Simran: They are your parents as well you know.

Sachin: I know but are they?

Simran: They are gone forever, we don’t know where.

Sachin: I’ll see you there at the venue. Send me a text, okay.

Simran: Okay. Better go. (She leaves and hugs Amber and then leaves the cafe.) Bye Amber, bye Sachin... Kaka. (She smiles.)

Devesh and Kajal are in the car. Kajal is setting up G-P-R-S and Devesh is getting ready to drive.

Kajal: Are you ready to meet them?

Devesh: Hell yeah, you?

Kajal: Yes! Let’s go now! (Devesh starts to drive.) Oh, no! It would take 2 hours to get there. They live near Kent, near Satvika Kakie.

Devesh: Well let’s go!

Sachin goes into the bedroom in the hotel. Amber goes in as well. They both sit on the bed.

Amber: Now what? What are we going to do now?

Sachin: I don’t know, but hopefully Simran has forgiven us and will start to plan how we will get to the party. We just need to pray now and we can’t let anything get in our way of this challenge.

Simran: (It goes to Simran in her bedroom talking to herself.) Well, my challenge before this was to get my grandparents back. Now it is to re-unite the two brothers. Hopefully I will get some money from them, which will be good. We can live in a big house. It will be great. I just hope Ba and Dada don’t come back now. Plus Raj doesn’t know anything about what actually happened that night.

There is now a big flashback of what happened that night they left. In the hallway Kokila, Sachin, Mina and Shashi are all angry.

Kokila: Sachin, I am telling you the truth.

Sachin: I am not listening to you.

Mina: I told you, they are setting me up.

Shashi: You don’t believe us, the parents that brought you up in this world, the parents that gave you everything you wanted.

Mina: Shut up, I am his wife, we might not love but we are loyal.  You picked me anyway.

Shashi: You don’t divorce her; I will cut all ties with you.

Sachin: See if I care. I will just stay here.

Devesh: (Devesh, Kajal and Simran come to the hall.) What is all this no sense about?

Kajal: Mum, what happened?

Sachin: We are going from here, but we will be back! (Mina and Sachin both leave.)

Kajal: Simran go upstairs. (Simran goes upstairs.) This better be good because right now, Simran is not going to University and I can’t deal with this as well.

Shashi: You will find out. (Shashi and Kokila leave. Raj comes in.) Good luck with your life Simran! (They leave the house.)

Raj: What happened? (It quickly goes to Raj slapping Simran.)  If you stop messing around, then you would have gone to University, you idiot. Do you understand? Do you?

Simran: (It goes back to scene with Simran in her room, she is now crying.)  I got blamed for everything that my Kakie did. I will not let her leave peacefully; she will not get away with all of this.


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