Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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59. Episode 59

It is still in the same scene as the end of episode 58.

Suresh: Everyone has gone and has found out there prediction.

Kokila: There is actually one person left. Mina, you haven’t had a go yet.

Mina: Oh, I don’t want a go. I don’t need it.

Amber: Come on mum. We have all had a go. It is your turn now.

Mina: I just don’t feel it now.

Pia: Come on. We have all been embarrassed but that is not excuse to not doing this. I really want to find out more about you. You haven’t been with us for a long time.

Mina: I just have a headache, besides you can ask Radha. I don’t really want this right now.

Kokila: So you aren’t even interested in knowing your future. To find out any of this. Shashi doesn’t believe in this and he still did it.

Mina: I do, but I just want to it another time. Not today.

Kokila: So you do? So come on. Suresh has come here especially here for today, all the way from India. Don’t let us down and him down.

Mina: Please mum. Next time I promise.

Suresh: You should do this. Not only for yourself-

Mina: But-

Suresh: But for your daughter at least. Come on. What is the worst that could happen?

Mina: (Thinking to herself.) The whole family could find out my secret identity about being evil and how I want to ruin this family until I drink all their blood and suck their bones. It seems like I will have to do this but I hope that no one finds my true identity. Otherwise I would be in so much trouble and I would have to face the law and I haven’t planned that yet if they ever find out, which hopefully will never happen. (Speaking to everyone.) Okay. Fine, I will do it, just for my daughters.

Pia: Thank you. 

Amber: You are the best. 

Suresh: Okay let’s start.

It goes to a scene with Radha in Mina’s room revising.

Radha: Oh, god. I can’t remember anything. Why can’t I? I think I know why. It is probably because I am passing up and down and not relaxing. (She sits down on the edge of their bed.) Oh, come on. Why can’t I remember anything? Maybe it is because I am hungry. I need some food. (She gets up and then trips on something and falls to the ground.) Oh god, I am having a bad day. (She then gets up and runs of the room. The camera then goes to a book lying on the floor. The book is red.)

Suresh: After reading your Holy book and reading your palms. I have read all your future. It is very clear.

Mina: Okay. Tell me then.

Raj: This one is going to be exciting!

Pia: I know.

Kokila: Shush!

Pia AND Raj: Okay! Go on!

Suresh: There is a lot to tell, Mina. You have had such a long story with this new family and you will continue to have new adventures and borders to cross.

Kokila: You have.

Suresh: You are hiding something though.

Mina: No I’m not.

Suresh: You are. It is very clear.

Mina: I am not. Why would you think like that? What do I have to hide?

Suresh: I don’t know. You will have to tell us. We will never know what you are hiding.

Mina: Anyways, carry on.

Suresh: You life is in danger. Life is so precious to all of us but sort your life out because it is in danger.

Mina: Please expand on that point. What does that mean?

Suresh: Your life is in danger. This could be the point that you are hiding.

Mina: But I am not hiding anything.

Suresh: Sort it out now.

Mina: Am I going to die?

Suresh: It is not clear what they mean by that but it could mean this.

Kokila: Are you feeling okay?

Kajal: Are you feeling any weird symptoms?

Mina: No. I am feeling fine.

Sachin: Just tell us. What is happening inside you? Are you fine?

Mina: I’m literally fine.

Raj: Are you hiding something? Like do you have something which you are telling us?

Mina: I am telling you all the truth here.

Kokila: Raj. Call the doctors and tell them to have an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Raj: Okay Ba.

Mina: That is not necessary.

Raj: This is totally necessary; it is question of your life and death.

Mahi: Let’s not think of that.

Pia: I think we are just getting ahead of ourselves. We need to all calm down. We need to think about all situations that could happen. I will try and think of a solution if you guys want.

Mina: Yes Pia. I want that. Please listen to Pia. She is speaking a lot of sense at the moment.

Kokila: No, we have to do this. Call them now Raj!

Raj: Don’t worry. I have a better idea.

It goes to the scene with Raj, Kokila, Mina, Sachin and Amber going into the car.

Raj: This PET scan will tell us everything going in your body.

Amber: Don’t worry mum, everything will be fine!

Mina: (She is now speaking to herself.) I do hope I am fine. I have so much pain and misery to spread to this family that I need to complete before I die. I just hope that no one finds out about the evil things I have done. Suresh was totally right about everything. I just hope no one knows. 

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