Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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57. Episode 57

It goes to the next morning and everyone is downstairs having breakfast. Kokila is not here at the moment but she comes to the dining room.

Kokila: Are you all done with breakfast? If you are, come with me. This is your surprise of today. (Everyone leaves the table and follows Kokila. They enter the living room which has changed and there is a Maraj in the centre of the room.)

Suresh: We meet again. Come around here.

Raj: Hi Suresh. None of our predictions came true last time.

Suresh: These predictions do come true, most of the time. However if you remain good then the bad things will not happen to you. You have to believe in what I say. (Everyone sits around him.)

Kokila: Suresh is here to tell us all our predictions. Everyone is getting their turn.

Pia: How long with this actually take?

Kajal: As long as it will take.

Radha: Yes, I need to prepare for an exam coming up soon.

Suresh: Well, why don’t you come first?

Radha: Okay.

Suresh: (He picks her book up and starts to read it. He then takes her hand and looks at it.) I can see everything clearly here. You are funny, nice, beautiful and an intelligent girl. You know what your principles are. There is something you lack though, knowing what right or wrong is.

Radha: What does that mean?

Suresh: You need to know and understand what is right and wrong. You think that something is right when it could be wrong.

Radha: Oh. But that can be easily fixed?

Kokila: Yes, if you just believe what we say and believe that whatever us adults do is for the better of you.

Radha: That is easy enough. I actually want to stay and find out everyone else’s.

Kokila: You should revise for the test.

Radha: Fine, I will go.

Sachin: See listening to the advice of Suresh already. (She leaves.)

Suresh: Who is next to find out there future?

Shashi: I want to see what you will have to say. Do your worst.

Suresh: (He picks up the book and reads it and then looks at Shashi’s palm of his hands.) Oh yes. You are much wiser than everyone here and everyone knows that that only comes with age.

Shashi: Right?

Suresh: In the future, you will live long. You, along with everyone else, will face many battles. The best thing to do is to overcome them.

Shashi: Okay.

Suresh: You will be healthy, wealthy and you will stay wise, but you have to make sure you support your family and that everyone stays untied.

Shashi: Thank you for that.

Suresh: Who is next to find out there truth?

Kokila: Kajal, would you like to try?

Kajal: Sure, okay.

Suresh: (He does the same things as he did with the others.) You are the supporter of the youth.

Kajal: What does that mean?

Suresh: You are like the big mother that will look after all of your children. You will look after them all, especially at peak time.

Pia: That is true, Kakie you always looked after Amber and I when mum wasn’t around.

Suresh: Exactly, and you should keep doing so. You need to carry on doing like this to keep a stable family. You are also one of the many others here that need to defeat evil.

Kajal: What is that?

Suresh: I looked over all your book’s before I saw you all and it seems to me that a lot of you are trying to get rid of evil. Kajal, you are one of them. This is not something to worry about; this is just a train of thought. Who is next?

Sachin: I will go next then. I need to find out more.

Suresh: There is not much to say about you. (He reads his palms.) You can see here that the future is endless for you. It could literally go in any way possible. It is you choice which way it goes. Your past is something though.

Sachin: My past.

Suresh: Yes, you have been fooled.

Sachin: By whom? What does that even mean?

Suresh: That is all I can say. I am only able to say that.

Sachin: Thanks for that.

Amber: It is my go now. I need to find out something.

Suresh: (He reads her palms and then reads her Holy book.) Amber, you are very innocent and this will show in future days to come.

Amber: Is that a bad thing?

Suresh: Children are innocent; this doesn’t mean that they are necessarily bad. You are innocent, but it only depends on how you show it.

Amber: Right?

Suresh: I’m afraid that that is not all. Evil is approaching you and you have to cut it out. You Amber will have to get rid of this evil.

Amber: What evil? What is going to happen?

Suresh: These predictions are vague; I cannot tell you the fine detail. But be careful. Evil is coming towards you and you will be affected. You just need to get rid of it.

Amber: Gosh, I have a big mission.

Suresh: This is not all. You are not you.

Amber: What does that mean?

Suresh: The person you think you are isn’t what you are. You are a changed character, you need to change back.

Amber: This makes sense now. I need to go and check something. (She quickly runs out of the room.)

Kokila: Amber, where are you going? Where is this girl going?

Sachin: I don’t know.

Kokila: Well I will go next then.

Amber: (She comes in the room with a piece of paper.) I understand. I am someone I am not. I am back a year. (Mina and everyone are shocked.)

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