Native Ways

A story that follows the life of a grandmother who dreams to one day see her 5 grandchildren happily married.

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45. Episode 45

It goes back to the scene from episode 44. Everyone is still shocked and confused from the news Mahi has just said.

Mahi: This will benefit everyone and it will really help all of us. Simran has been through so much that she needs something in her life that will give her hope and it will help her through her struggles, this baby could be it.

Raj: Don’t you think that that is the most stupidest idea ever. If we do give it away then we will always miss it and we will always know that we can never get it back.

Kajal: Mahi, I understand you mean well and that you will really understand but you also need to remember and think about yourself here in this situation. How will you cope knowing that your child will think of you as there Kakie and not mother? I know I wouldn’t be able to cope. Simran is a strong girl and she can always look after your children. She is going to their godmother.

Mahi: But, don’t you worry about Simran? She will always be alone and have no one to turn to. When she is older, she will be alone. It is not like Leila Kaki will be there forever; Simran will be alone and have no one. I just want to give her something. So let’s think of the positives here.

Kokila: Mahi, I understand you completely, and what you are going to give up is something so big for the self for your sister-in-law. But remember, at the end of the day she or he is your child and you will feel upset everyday that you won’t be able to have that relationship with your child. You won’t be able to give the baby away and then you will always want to keep it. This might hurt Simran, you might give her false hopes that one day she will have a baby of her own to keep, but remember one thing, it is only in her hands when you let it go out of yours. Will you be able to do that?

Mahi: Yes. I will be able to do that. When you help someone who really needs your help, you will be happy for eternity that you know you have helped them.

Raj: Do please remember that it is my child as well; I can decide who gets it and who doesn’t, and I say no!

Mahi: But, it’s not just us. We need to make this decision as a family.

Kokila: Fine then. You do whatever you want. I give you permission. Just please, I beg of you, don’t hurt Simran or yourself. I can’t see any of you hurt in anyway.

Mahi: I have made a decision; I am going to give one of the babies to Simran.

Shashi: Mahi, you are so nice person, helping someone who isn’t even your blood. But I must warn you to make a decision wisely and make sure you have time to think it over.

Raj: Yes, sleep on your decision and then decide tomorrow.

Shashi: Make a decision which you want to do, not what you are forced into doing.

Mahi: Yes dada. I will do so.

It goes to a scene with Mahi and Raj about to go to sleep.

Raj: Mahi, what are you doing?

Mahi: What?

Raj: You can’t give this baby away. I just know you; you won’t be able to do this.

Mahi: I will.

Raj: Okay let me tell you this. You do understand that the baby will not know who his or hers parent is. She will treat you like a Kakie and not like a mother. That means when you see her and she doesn’t say mum, it will hurt you. It doesn’t matter if it feels good now but remember that it matters what you feel afterwards. I don’t want you to go through anything bad due to this action of yours.

Mahi: I understand you and I have taken all of that into consideration.

Raj: Okay, we have 2 children. We are just going to give one to Simran and the other one we will keep. How do we decide who’s going to take who? Say if we both want the girl, how will we decide, do we flip a coin? Also, we are splitting a brother and a sister. We are splitting twins. This is an evil idea. How can we split twins, they came together. They are born for this purpose, how can we split them? It was destiny that brought them together, it will be evil to split them up now.

Mahi: I don’t know what to say.

Raj: It is a lot to process. So think about it. Calm down, relax and don’t make any hasty decisions. I will see you in the morning.

Mahi: Goodnight. (Raj closes the light and they both go to sleep. Mahi thinks to herself.) I don’t know what to do now. These words have hit me by surprise. I don’t know what to think now. What shall I do now?

It is the next morning and Raj wakes up and finds Mahi not next to him.

Raj: Where is Mahi? (He walks downstairs and looks around the living room and the kitchen and finds note. Raj reads from it.) I will be back soon. (He stops reading it.) That’s funny. Where has she gone to? I hope she doesn’t make any hasty decisions. I hope she hasn’t done what I think she has done.

It goes to a scene with Mahi in Leila and Simran’s house.

Mahi: So what do you think of the plan? Everyone is all for it at home. What are you thought? (Leila and Simran are shocked and confused.) 

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