Guardian Golden

I've been locked in this jail for nearly a year now. She visits me every day reading me stories, the ones that give me hope, the ones that tell me that i'm not the only one. They say that I have power, though it doesn't feel like it. He's a scientist, experimenting on me, as I am the angel. I'm not supposed to exist. But I do. I see it all, somehow I know that's what I was made for. I am heaven's spy, trapped in a dark basement, yet I still manage shine through.
They can still see through my eyes...unless I decide to close them.


1. Regretfully Supernatural,

I sit in my cell. It would be completely dark if it weren't for the beam of sunlight illuminating from the gap in the wall, so high up that I can't reach. Suddenly there's a white circle of light in the distance making me squint, my whole body tensing as I hear footsteps down the stone staircase. "Hey, its Han, your fine", the buzzing lamplight is held up to reveal a young girl staring back at me with kind eyes. I relax, exhaling. Han was safe, she was my friend. "I brought another book, In fact I smuggled two fantasy novels from the library yesterday instead of just one, Pa issued me another assignment, so I just hid them in the pile, maybe you could help me?". I nod shyly even though she can't see me in the dim lit air, she sets the gassolier down on the other side of the heavy bars beginning to read.

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