Lost childhood

Narry fanfic - Niall lose the entire family when he's ten years old. He has no one to take care of him, so social workers sends him to an orphanage, for children without families or future.


18. To feel uncertainty

To Nialls surprise, Destiny began to plan for the wedding. It was as if she still wanted to do it and Niall laughed at her. 
"Wasn't it you who hesitated?" 
She giggled lightly and went through the papers that lay around her in bed. 
"I want what every girl dreams about. A wedding with everything." 
Niall sighed and laid aside the book, which he read. 
"We don't have much money." 
She smiled at him. 
"One can have a nice wedding without a lot of money. Much can I do on my own and I intend to sew the dress myself." 
Niall was impressed. 
"So you can?" 
She giggled and kissed him. 
"Of course I can. Marry taught me everything and I've actually sewed most of what I'm wearing."


"It's so wonderful!" screamed Marry when Destiny and Niall was at their house, to tell them about the news. "Then there will be this year's wedding." 
Niall hesitated. 
"We want a small and simple wedding. We can't afford more." 
Marry sighed and hugged them. 
"We have saved money and we can pay." 
Destiny hesitated and looked at Niall. She was unsure and Niall knew why. Firstly, she was afraid that the truth would come forth and partly she was afraid of the future. 
"Then you must arrange so that we have grandchildren." Tom continued happily. Destiny just became paler and she almost fell. 
Tom laughed. 
"Yes, you must get a lot of kids and we will help you if you want. It's the future and it will be all right."


They went to bed at night. Destiny was still unsure and she crawled into the Nialls arms. 
"I can say that I'm sterile?" 
Niall shook his head. 
"No, in that case it's better that I announce that I can't have children." 
She looked up at him and smiled weakly. 
"But it's plain that the girl can't?" 
Niall understood her, but at the same time he didn't want to blame Harry for anything. Now he was woman, and although that he lacked certain things in the body, he was still a perfect person. 
"We'll talk about it another day?" Niall whispered uncertainly. "There's nothing we need to talk about now?"


Destiny smiled and kissed him. Niall answered the kiss and felt how she slowly lay down on top of him. She knew what she would do to get Niall to become horny and she did it so well. 
"They can hear us?" Niall groaned and became uncertain. 
"And?" giggled Destiny. "They are out in the barn. I have an eye on them." 
She pulled off her panties, but left her nightdress be on. Then she pulled down Nialls pants to his knees and she did so that his cock was ready. Niall groaned and kissed her again. He penetrated and slowly she began to ride him. He took his hands around her waist and moaned every time she landed on him. 
"We'll be quiet ..." he murmured, and let her take control. Destiny nodded and moaned quietly. She rode him faster and was bending over him. They looked straight into each other's eyes and they both stopped caring. Niall tore her nightgown off and looked down with satisfaction at her gorgeous body. Destiny smiled and sat up. She continued to move the body quickly up and down over his dick. Niall groaned and took her hands in his. 
"You're so beautiful, you have always been beautiful." he mumbled and Destiny just enjoyed his words. She closed her eyes and forced Nialls hand down between her legs. He started fondling her and he saw that she loved it. She threw back her head and her whole body was red with excitement. She whimpered and she shook over him. It was as if she fell into a trance and when she came she sat down right over his dick and just shaking all over. She whimpered and Niall saw how the orgasm ran through her ​​body.


They spun around and Niall began to bounce against Destiny. He felt he was nearing the end and he was breathing rapidly. He brought his cock hard into her and he felt that she received him. She smiled the whole time and looked into his eyes. Niall groaned and he could do nothing but just stare at her face. He came and he filled her with cum. He moaned and he groaned. Eventually he landed on top of her body and panted against her neck. 
"Damn I love you so much." he hissed and felt how she kept her arms around his sweaty body. 
"Niall, you know I love you, and now I have a ring that proves our love."


In the morning Niall noted a change in Tom. He stared at them and didn't seem able stare enough. Niall became uncertain. 
"Why are you staring?" 
Tom sighed and pulled him out to the yard. He looked down at the ground and seemed far away in thought. 
"You have something that I will never get. When I met Marry, I longed for a child and I wanted to have a son. Turns out she was infertile." 
Niall was startled. Tom smiled and continued. 
"There aren't many who know the truth." he said, looking straight at Niall. "I'm a little jealous that you get everything that I wanted. She's beautiful Destiny?" 
Niall hesitated. 
Tom swallowed. 
"I'm not a dirty old man or anything, but I heard you yesterday."
Niall could do nothing but blush. He didn't know what to say. Tom smiled a little bit and calmed him down. 
"I understand why you want her. She's beautiful, she's stylish, she has everything a man wants." 
Niall frowned. 
"Don't say that you are horny for my girl?" 
Tom blushed and looked away. Niall realized that Tom's silence meant that he was really hungry for Destiny. It was just disgusting and Niall didn't know what to say. He instead became angry and looked coldly at Tom. 
"You fucking stay away from her. She's mine and she's too young for you and I can find lots of reasons why you shouldn't flirt with her." 
Tom gulped and nodded. 
"I promise."

Niall had to tell Destiny. She blushed immediately and actually she was amused. 
"It's comical." she murmured. "He look at me and he wants me and I'm Harry deep inside." 
Niall didn't like that answer. 
"Shit, don't tell me you like the idea?" 
Destiny blushed. 
"But come on Niall. You must understand that I will be amused? I have lived here and Tom wanted nothing more than that I should be like you. Now that I'm a girl, he wants me?"
Niall just got even more angry and frustrated. 
"Harry, just be quit." 
She grinned and hugged him lightly. 
"Yeah, I'll stop. I'm just amused by him." 
Niall didn't like it. 
"I shouldn't have told you?" 
She giggled. 
"Well, it saved my day."


Okay! Niall was jealous. He hadn't experienced that someone else was courting Destiny and it made him feel afraid. Before him he imagined that Tom would seduce her and have sex with her. He knew that the idea was crazy and he tried to displace all the emotions.


The wedding was approaching and they were more at home on the farm. It was built up tents and everything was made ready for the big day. Destiny managed to stitch the dress and refused to let Niall see it. 
"It's bad luck." she grinned. "You may not see me in it until you're standing at the altar."


Niall rode much. He took the opportunity to take the horses and let the women take care of all the rest. It was wonderful to feel the freedom and he liked being out in the woods on a horse. Everyone who worked for Tom was involved in the wedding. It was like it was the greatest thing that had happened in their life and they loved every second of it all. Niall was just trying to not be in the way and he knew it would be okay in the end.

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