My plesure (harry styles fanfic 18+)


1. chapter 1

A long and entertaining Harry Styles fan fic

You have plans to go out with your friends to the mall. You than hear a nock on the door. You open the door thinking it's your friends coming to pick you up, even tho you told them that you'd meet them there. Than you see your boyfriend Harry standing there at the door.

You: what are you doing here I told you that I have plans to go to the mall with some friends.

Harry: than cancel I have plans of my own for you today.

You: Harry I have no time for this.

Harry: no I miss you I haven't seen you for so long.

You: we were just together yesterday it hasn't been that long idiot!

You see as Harry lick his lusciously perfect lips. He than enters and closes the door. He lifts you up and starts carrying you on his shoulder upstairs. As he caries you, you start screaming at him to put you down as you slam your fists on his back.

He than lays you down on your bed and starts to kiss you on your neck. You try to hold your moans to avoid showing him pleasure. He than reaches into your back pocket and takes out your phone. He than passes your phone to you.

You: what you want me to call the cops on you?

Harry: no, I want you to cancel your thing with your friends.

You: ok

You than call your friends and tell them that you have a sudden change of plans and how sorry you are. Your friends did not mind.

You hang up the phone and Harry slowly removes it from your hands and puts it on your bedside table as he slowly kisses up and down your neck. You than start to moan as you feel him moving his hands up and down your body. Your blood starts to boil and you can feel your heart beat out or your chest. When suddenly you feel him move his hands down. He stops for a while and asks.

Harry: do you want it?

You than take a moment of thought when he reaches to take off all of your clothes and begins to toy with your clit. You than start to moan.

You: hmm... Harry I want it.

Hearing you say that he than smiles and starts striping his clothes off while still kissing you. You than look down to see how big it is. He than notices you liking your lips.

Harry: so you really want it huh? Than come and get it.

He says while still teasing your clit.

You than go in for a big delicious kiss. When you feel him slowly and painfully coming in. You than bring out a big scream of pleasure. He starts to thrust in and out slowly just to go easy and to make this moment last longer.

You wanted more so you screamed for more.

You: Harry I want more, I want you to go faster, don't be afraid to hurt me I'm fine!

He hears you and starts to go faster.

You than start to scream out his name and you feel your blood boil much more.

Now you know it he's the one your true soul mate.

He than stops and releases himself. You looked surprised course you thought he can go longer. Than you hear him say

Harry: wait I'm not done with you yet. I have much more where that came from.

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Also if you want I can make imagines about you and your fave celeb.

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