Don't Cry

17 year old Kimberly's life was going perfectly ever since the day she was born but when new kid Harry Styles comes into her life, he makes it even better but he also makes it worse.


17. Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart


Kimberley was watching me as she walked off and I was watching her until she went into the bathroom. She said that I couldn't mess up her shot but I'm in annoying boyfriend mode! Of course I'm going to mess up her shot but just as I was about to, I heard a familiar voice say: You were always like that with me. Surprise again, it was Taylor!

"Yeah well, this isn't about you anymore.", I  said to her.

"I know. Just pointing it out", she replied getting closer to me.

"I still love you", she finally said.

" Well I'm completely over you, Taylor.", I replied but before I could tell her to get away, I felt her lips pressed up against mine.

I tried to pull her off but she was too strong! To make the situation worse, Kimberley came back and saw Taylor kissing me then ran out of the building in tears. I quickly forced Taylor off of me and ran after Kimberley.

"Kimberley, wait!", I shouted to her.

"No!", she screamed.

"Kimberley, it's not what I looks like! "

"Oh, really?  'It's not what it looks like'. Those are the famous last words, Harry."

"Last words until what?", I asked her looking confused.

"Until the girl leaves the guy", She said wiping her tears away.

Then she took off her engagement ring and chucked it on the ground.

"Give it to Taylor. She's the one you REALLY love."

"Kimberley, please don't do this!", I begged.

"Just stop making a scene! We're over! I'll be at the house and since you love Taylor so much, you can live with her!".

And just like that, she ran to catch the next bus and went away. I knew I couldn't give up.


I was back at home and for the first time, I was alone. How could he do this to me? He said he loved me right to my face! Maybe that's all he liked about me. My stupid little face! It was getting quite late so I decided to go up to bed. That night I had to cry myself to sleep. It's really hard trying to sleep with a broken heart.   


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