In His Arms

For Sommers whole life she was passed around to different foster homes until she moved in with her boyfriend Chris. He was always beating her. Chris kicked her out on the day of her birthday but maybe that was for the best. Sommers life was changed forever when she met One Direction.


1. Chapter 1


I looked into the mirror and saw the huge bruise on my cheek and thought about what happened. My boyfriend Chris got mad at me for coming home late from work so he hit me to teach me a lesson not to be late anymore because he wanted sex. I felt the tears pour out of my eyes because he told me that I had to leave today of all days. My birthday. We were gonna go to the One Direction signing because I was a huge fan but he said that I didn't deserve it so we weren't gonna go. He had bought passes that would let us hangout with One Direction but I guess he would sell them now. I went into out room and put my shoes on. I didn't know where I would go but I had to go somewhere I went to grab Chris's keys off his dresser and beside his keys I saw the two One Direction passes I turned around to make sure he wasn't coming and grabbed them and stuck them in my bag and walked out the door without even saying goodbye to Chris. It felt good to do something to him for once all those times he would beat me I finally got to do something to him as payback. He was probably drunk on the couch anyways so it's a good thing I got out when I could. Chris took me in when I was 16 and he was 19. I was in foster care and was miserable so I was willing to go with him even though I hardly knew him. He was beating me and raping me for the past 4 years I'm 20 now and I'm on my own. I looked over at my bag in the seat an saw the tickets sticking out and I knew exactly where I would go. To see One Direction.

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