The Expiriment

Lilly cant remember. there is something missing. She lives by herself, in dauntless. She thinks her parents are dead. Can she discover the truth about her life?


1. Awake

I wake up to the sun shining in my face. I feel... groggy. somethings wrong. I bolt out of bed. Nothings out of place, if my memory serves me correctly. i am in my room in Dauntless. With the word Dauntless, fuzzy memories start flashing at me. My Mother, smiling and laughing. Her bright red hair blowing in the wind caused by the train. Train. It drags up another memory, one of her body lying broken on the ground between the train tracks and the roof of the Dauntless compound. My Father is dead as well. I never met him. He died before i was born. Its strange. All these memories don't seem like my own. like somebody else's  life was transplanted into me. But sadly, they are not. I remember my Mother showing me pictures of my Father, with his messy black hair, kind green eyes, and oddly shaped scar on his forehead. I get dressed, and head down to the pit. I don't  know what it was about today, but i felt out of place. Everyone here has tattoos and piercings, but i am very plain, i only have my ears pierced, no tattoos. But maybe i will change that after breakfast...Because, after all, these may be my last few days here.

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