Under the bridge,

Ingrid Goldsworthy lived in a town built on suspicion, yet she didn't know why, and couldnt find the right time to ask. That was until the day that her neighbour was kidnapped, and she was the only witness, the day that no-one seemed to care about her friends disapperance. They all seemed to know something that she didnt.
That was the day when she finally discoverd the truth about what lay under the bridge...


2. Trapped...

My footsteps thud under my weight as I find myself running down the wooden staircase at an unknown speed. After crashing through into the low wall in a rush, a sharp pain for-filling my shoulder, I pause , hovering by the gate and silently observing my surroundings. I exhale heavily. There were people everywhere, in their gardens, in the street, near the shops. Appearing from nowhere. When they caught my glance they each looked away in turn, avoiding my desperate stare and concluding in continuing to return to their business. I couldn't believe my eyes, they had seen it, I was certain. I scream "You saw that! Do something, you have to, you..." I drown out, they weren't listening. A middle aged woman in a near by garden looks but quickly diverts her glance back to pegging up her washing, her long skirt swaying as she went. 

The newly found moonlight was blinding, no van to be seen. I had missed it. I cup my hands, clasping my face, holding it there. It was so quiet. Just the slight gush of wind...and then the sound of an engine. I remove my hands, and right in front of me is the shade-less van. Just sitting there by the curb. Watching me.

I stare, nothing happens. My heart beating along to the rhythm of my thoughts, What was happening?, why Cassie? Before I know it the final remaining piece of steadiness in me is stolen by the action. The side door sliding open violently, Cassie a frantic blur tied in the corner, tape smudging her screams. The hands, seeming to appear from nowhere grasping me by the shoulders as I am dragged into the van. I turn ready to fight, then a blank mask, the colour of midnight, two gaping holes revealing symmetrical brown eyes.

Then the vibration of force on the back of my head, my hearing muffling my own plea of release...and then nothing. As I fall to the floor, the door slamming shut, Cassie desperately trying to say my name, all I can see is the reflection of the woman in the skirt printed on the back of my eyelids, expression blank as she pegs out her washing. Though she could see, I knew it, from the corner of her eye, as the engine once again rumbles, and the world turns black.

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