Be Alright

what happens when two normal teenagers who are crazily in love get in the fame world ? what happens when they both start their individual singing career ? will they be strong to face the hate and the medias' lies ? will they give up on their love ? will they commit unforgivable mistakes?
jade sonclear & justin bieber .. the most famous pop stars in the whole world .. she used to be bullied .. and he used to ... ? read the story and find out :D


12. pool party

I got up , brushed my teeth and my hair , put it in a messy bun ,  I walked downstairs and I saw pattie as usual preparing the breakfast , I helped her then we ate together .. we talked , then had some girls time ..

3 weeks passed , justin used to call me everyday for the whole first week , then he started calling me once in three days , and every time I call him he doesn’t answer..   this is weird ! so weird ! he is becoming colder with me.. maybe I gotta give him time for himself .. maybe he’s tired .. I really don’t know .. anyways , my birthday is next day …I’m not in the mood to organise a party .. so I just ignored my birthday subject .. I connected on twitter and went on justin’s profile “ oh my god!” I freaked out and let my phone fall , luckily it fell on the bed ..

“who’s this girl ?” I fel a pain in my chest when I saw justin hugging a girl tightly ! it didn’t seem as a normal hug ! its kind of passionate hug  filled with love!! i couldn’t see the girl’s face ..  but he mentioned her saying

“with my girl @chanteljeffries” 

 so I went on her profile

“ chantel jeffries ? who the hell is this girl ? god ! she’s a model ! “  I mumbled  I saw her latest tweet , it was about justin


“ @justinbieber  fun with you last night babe “  

what ?? babe ?? the girl is crazy or what ? how does she dare flirting with my boyfriend? Hold on .. didn’t he tell her about me being his girlfriend?  .. 

“justin you will pay it”  I mumbled while calling him

Justin- hi babe

Me- your girl justin  ?  u called her your girll ? “ 

Justin: “ baby , are u jealous  ? “

Me: “ what kind of questions is that ? of course I am !! who is the girl justin , don’t lie !!!  “

Justin: “ its just a friend don’t worry babe , u know that I love you”

Me:” okay .. “ I mumbled and hang up ..


The day passed , and next day is gonna be my birthday … I’m not excited , at all …


Justin’s POV 


**next day**


* Frère jacque , frère jacque , dormez vous ? dormez vous ? *

I woke up on my phone ringing

Me- hey babe

Jade- hey justyy

Me- how are u sweetheart ?

Jade- fine , u know what day is it today , right ?

Me- uhh , I don’t know , I’m not sure ..

Jade- “ u’re kidding right?! “

me-no I’m not

Jade- justin ? I know that u’re joking and its not even funny …

I checked my calendar and I was quite shocked

Me- u’re so dumb as usual , of course am kidding , its your birthday babe !! “ I sang the bday sing to her .. and I could feel how happy she was .. after hanging up , I felt guilty ! I forgot her birthday! I’m a jerk !! I hate myself treating my girl like this..i cant even be in her birthday today ! this is awful !

I have mixed feelings .. did she make me forget about jade ? no that won’t happen ! I can’t leave my jade like that !  justin stop thinking about that,, u stupid jerk !!! 



Jade’s Pov


I decided to forget about the chantel stuff, and to focus on my fans… I was noticing a lot of them who were wishing me a happy bday.. even so beliebers who ship me and justin wished me a happy birthday  ..


I went downstairs and pattie screamed “ surprise!!!!”  she said while decorating the house inside and out

Me- what are u doing ?

Pattie- we’re gonna party all day !

Me- what?? Really ?? yeeeey

I didn’t expect a party .. but I really felt that I needed it to change some air and maybe to… make justin jealous … he’s kind of avoiding me these last days .. he’s always posting pics of him and chantel ! its my turn now ..

Me- umhh , can I help on something

Patttie- nope ! just go buy a new swimming outfit ! don’t forget  it starts at 3 pm !  

Me- pool party then ? yeeeeeey!!

I hugged her and called miley

Miley-  wass’up hun !

Me- lets go shopping, I’ll pick u up in , one minute !

Miley- one minute are u kidding?, I gotta get dressed

Me- okey I’ll wait in the car then ..


Miley came in some minutes .. I bought these bikinis , the sexiest & ost beautiful swimming outfit in that store !


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