I watched that stupid one direction video with my friend. She screamed at the top of her lungs as I sat there ready to throw up. I have never seen the alleged hotties, but I have heard there music and can I say EWWW! Then in that moment I looked up at the screen and there he was. Voice of an angel, heart of a god, and a soul that made me melt.


1. Seeing that face

Selena's POV


I honestly didn't understand all the excitement over him. A glorified fake in my sights. I mean really his screeching voice singing let me kiss you made my ears bleed. It most likely would have stayed that way if she didn't make me watch that video. There I was in my best friends bedroom and I look into the face of Zayn. What else to say but rebel a little so she couldn't say told you so. I shoved my face in the sheets and screamed until she turned it off. I am just lucky that when she was out like a light she didn't catch me looking on-line at him and just him. I hit into the rock of love hard and I wasn't sure if I could go back. And when I went to bed all I could think about was his dreamy features. Boy, was I crushing hard, well that was a while ago and things are way different but don't worry I will still tell you everything that leads up till now, get comfortable.

Zayn's POV

 I was ready to go home, I couldn't stand being on tour anymore. I was ready for the bands 4-6 month break. It gave me time to go back to school like a normal kid. I said goodbye to the brothers and went to my gate. There I found out that my home town was being attacked. Why did this have to happen now? I called mum and got her out safe. After a couple of calls I found out what would happen. I was going to live in America for the break. I showed up in New Jersey real early in their time. I got all cozied up and went to bed at our hotel. The sun rose and my mum pushed me a little. " Zayn it is time for school. GET UP!" she said slowly raising her voice in a funny way. My eyes opened wide. "WHAT, I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TODAY!" I yelled doing a tantrum dance. My mum just gave me a look and I went to shower.

Selena's POV

I was not in a good mood this morning. Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. As I sat in my seat in homeroom every girl was giggling and doing a little twitch. Since I was in such a bad mood, I bothered to look. Once everyone was seated, Mr. Barnes started to take attendance. People were still staring and acting awkward. I just sat there, until the person behind me tapped on my shoulder. I turned into a cute british boy with dark brown eyes and an amazing accent. I was in an instant trance and all I could hear was the soft words come out of his mouth." Umm... I am sorry to bother you, but could you help me with my schedule?" As I still daydreamed into his eyes I pushed out a stuttered sure. I was so in love I didn't even notice Mr. Barnes call my name. If could have got worst I answered to Mr. Barnes I love you. As everyone laughed I silently spoke a sorry, I'm here, and slumped in my seat. After homeroom ended I quickly helped Zayn with his schedule and walked to class. Yet I was so embarrassed I didn't even notice I had first block science with him and guess what, I had to sit next to him. Oh boy, this is going to be a long rest of the year!

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