I Shall Never

This is a story of two fourteen yearolds who have grown up together but just now realized that Maggie the stronger character likes Aron the smaller girl.


3. Waiting For The Bus

When we waited for the bus in the cafeteria Aron asked about my day my day was okay I got to see a girl and another girl fight if you consider that fun or entertainment I said she smiled so what happened to you today I asked Aron she stopped smiling well I got bullied and I ate lunch then I got bullied then I went to art where I tripped and people laughed then I got bullied and now where here she said I frowned why must these peasants hurt my beautiful princess I said she smiled so were doing that stuff again she said I nodded very well then she said who is this bully then I asked should thy even ask she said I looked at Nathan and got up I slapped him causeing him to fall off his seat leave Aron alone or ill beat you I said looking down at him he laid his hand on his face fuck you bitch he said I threw his binder on his and kicked him leave her alone I said and walked back to Aron lets see were that takes us I said she grabbed my hand how shall thy ever repay my prince she asked thy shall bistow a hug I said she smiled and hugged me thanks she said I smiled its what I do I said once we got on the bus it was silent and see ya in a few hours.
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