I Shall Never

This is a story of two fourteen yearolds who have grown up together but just now realized that Maggie the stronger character likes Aron the smaller girl.


1. The New Kid

I was the new kid in the school of the second grade I knew nobody I didn't reconize anyone but it wasn't long before I met Aron. I was laying down under the blossom tree during playtime just relaxing and listening to the birds sing and taking in the warm winds when I heard someone crying I sat up to see a little girl running over in my derection she stopped and stared at me hi I said waving a little hi she said sniffling I schooched over so she would get the idea to sit beside me and she did so. Whats wrong i asked the girl nathan hurt my heart she said how i asked he said mean words to me she said. What's your named I asked the girl Aron she said I smiled what's yours she asked Maggie I said I like that name she said thanks I like yours to how old are you she asked I'm I thought for a minuet I'm six I said she smiled me too she said will you be my friend she asked I smiled yeah I said.
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