The Run Away

Everyone has a rough patch they go through. Karima (car-ee-ma) was longer then most peoples. Things got way to hard and she ran. For day, weeks, and years she ran and hid from everyone. Everyone but HIM.


1. New Beginning...

I shoved all the things I had into my old pink and black Nike drawstring, then grabbed my pure black high-topped converse and ran out the hotel door. I climbed down the long staircase, and ran out onto the crisp street. I threw my jean jacket over my knee length floral dress and walked rather fast down the street.

I walked into the small café on the nearest corner, and went straight into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. He recognized me. I knew this would happen but, why now? Pulling the wig I bought earlier in the week out of my bag, I walked to the sink. The next hour consisted of many beats on the door and my transformation to make me less recognizable.

My usual dull blonde hair was now a deep brown, and my icy blue eyes covered with deep purple contacts.Why cant my stupid parents just let it go?

I cleaned up my mess and went back onto the dull streets. I was now in my black hoodie, deep blue jeggings, and my same signature converse. For another ten minutes I walked with my head down, seeing nothing but shoes and concrete, humming one of my old favorite songs lightly.

A rough shoulder bumped against mine and my necessities scattered along with my feet flying out from under my skinny figure. I looked to see the same converse, only a few sizes bigger standing next to me, accompanied by a big hand reaching to help me up. Accepting greatly I was lifted into the arms of a boy with light blue eyes. "Im sorry love, are you okay?" His thick Irish accent rung through my ears.

The ridiculously speechless me gave a quick nod before kneeling down and picking up everything I owned of the ground, and he did the same. I didn't look up at him, because of my fear of getting a crush on someone I barely met, but I could hear him fumbling with something.

When everything was finished I rushed off, leaving him with nothing but a petty smile. I then jumped on board the nearest subway and rushed to the next city. 

As soon as I got on I chose a window seat and slowly began to fall asleep. Right as I was drifting into my sub-conscious a slight buzzing on my inner-thigh jerked me up again. After noticing it was my phone I unlocked the screen to find a text.Who would text me?!?


Authors note:

hiii!! so this is my first story...tell me what you think cause im not sure if I should continue this..or not...

And any suggestions would help to. lol. I know im a sucky writer!!


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