Just maybe: Liam 2

Squeal to 'Just Maybe: Harry'. Liam tries to get over his past love. But can he handle it?


1. date?

Liam's p.o.v

I can't stop thinking of Britney. The way she smiles, the way she laughs, the way she talks, the way she dresses, and just every thing about her.

Dang it Liam stop thinking like that! She doesn't love you! Harry is my friend and I can't risk that anymore.

"Hey. How you doing?" Louis walks into my room.

"Fine, I guess. It's just I can't stop thinking about her," I shrug and look down to the ground.

"I know but you'll get over her soon. It will be okay Liam. Come on you need some fresh air," Louis opens the door and we both leave.

Laura's p.o.v

"Okay mom I'm going to the coffee shop with Jill!" I scream so she can hear me leaving the house.

"Okay love you!" She screams back.

"Love you too mom!"

When I shut the door Jill's car isn't there. Instead she pops up right I front of me.

"Hey," Jill says walking next to me.

"Hi. Where's your car?" I ask her walking down the sidewalk.

"I thought we could walk. It is such a beautiful day outside," she says spreading out her arms to feel the wind.

"Okay," I say skipping to catch up too her. When we make it to broadway the place is packed. People everywhere. I can't even hear Jill anymore from all the cars. As I'm walking across the cross walk some bumps into my making me fall over.

"Oh my gosh, im so sorry!" A boy says taking my hand helping me back up.

"It's fine," I say glancing up looking for Jill.

"Hi, my names Liam," he says holding out his hand.

"Laura," I take his hand shaking it. I can't find Jill.

"Are you looking for someone?" he motions a friend to go on without him.

"Ummm yeah, but she must have went on without me," I keep walking but he follows me.

"I'll walk you," he says glancing up at me. "Where are you off to?"

"Umm....the coffee shop," I just keep walking.

"Oh cool! I was just about to go to," when we get to the coffee shop he grabs a table. He's not bad looking. He grabs us coffee and sits down with me.

"Sooo..." I say taking a drinking of my coffee. "You look familiar,"

He glances up and laughs setting his coffee down,"yeah I'm in a band,"

"Oh what band?" I really have no idea.

"One direction,"he says smirking.

"Oh my friend listens to that band," I really never even heard of them except once or twice.

"Do you?" He asks looking up still smiling.

"Ummm..... No, I mean only when my friend makes me," I don't mean to be rude.

"Well what do you think?"

"Your pretty good,"

"Thanks," he looks over his should when a whole bunch of fans come over crowding us, he takes my hand and runs.

"Where are we going?" I yell over to him.

"My hotel," he yells back.

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