2 is better than 1

When 15 year old Arielle Simpson, gets a strange job as a body guard for one of the Magcon boys. Who will she fall for? Will business come before pleasure or will she quit to be with the one she loves? I guess you will have to read and find out!


8. Chapter 7: the date

Arielle POV

OMG Disneyland!!!! And look there is no one here. Taylor takes my hand and takes me into a little shop, he tells me to wait at the door. I hear him talking to the guy at the cash register. The man hands him a boring brown bag and a pretty yellow and pink glitter tie dye bag. When he comes back he hands me the pretty bag and I open it to reveal a red and white poka-dot penny board with a Minnie Mouse sticker on it. I saw in the brown bag was one for him but his was tie dye.

" I custom ordered that for you so yours would be Minnie Mouse since well um we are in Disneyland," Taylor was looking down at his feet nervous.

I took my penny board and started skating towards the castle.

"ARE YOU COMING," I screamed looking back at Tay, who just lifted his head and did one of those side smirks.

He grabbed his board and started towards me. I thought I was going pretty fast but apparently not fast enough since Taylor caught up within a minute. He started skating at my pace and we were side by side. He soon grabbed my hand which caused the board to swipe out from under my vans. I was sure I was about to hit the ground when some strong arms wrapped around me. I looked up and they were Taylor's.

The castle was glowing a beautiful blue and Taylor held me with such an aggressive manner. I'm not gonna lie things like that were HUGE turn ons for me.

"You are the most beautiful princess I have every seen," his eyes were twinkling which I didn't get to see for long since soon after his lips were pressed against mine. He was a smooth kisser and after a few seconds he pulled his plum lips off of mine.

He grabbed his board and started towards the rides. We rode all the rides, ate ice cream and of course kissed. This was honestly the best day of my life.

It was around 9 o'clock and we were getting in the limo. I sat down first and Taylor came in and slugged his arm around me. We were still laughing about nothing. I ripped his phone out of his left pocket and put my number in so he could text me. After 10 minutes of laughing I started to slip into a calm sleep. I wondered if Taylor would mind but I assumed not.

Nash's POV

WHAT THE HECK! Yes, I know I have a girlfriend but wasn't it obvious I like Arielle. THE GREAT TAYLOR CANIFF HAD TO RIP HER OUT OF MY ARMS with his tie dye and bandanas and stupid charm! I had been laying on my bed all night and had to get out of the room. I decided I would go to Cams room to tell him what was going on. I walked out of the room (*** they don't have room keys cause their rooms are on a private floor***) and I shut the door behind me. Cams room was 4 doors down from mine. I was staring at my phone when I heard the elevator beep. When the door opened I saw Taylor carrying Arielle's beautiful sleeping body. He was carousing her bridal style and her arms were wrapped around his neck and her head was nestled in the crack of his neck. She was a beautiful sleeper and her eyes fluttered like little butterflies on her eyelids. Taylor looked at me and smiled. I just gave him a look and entered Cams room. I walked in and Cam shot up because he didn't notice I had opened the door.

"Bro what wrong," Cam openly asked cause it was only me and him in the room.

" TAYLOR!" I said with a look full of rage.

"What did he do this time," Cam rolled his eyes because me and Tay have problems all the time.

"Well," I started, "you know that girl, Arielle, that Tay took to disney tonight. Well I like her. I know I have a girlfriend but I really like this girl. When I bumped into her I felt like I had to protect her from everything, Even tay, and now I don't know what to do."

"Dude, what are you gonna do about May," Cam said sadly because he liked May a lot.

Right when I was about to answer his question I heard a knock at the door and told Cam I got it.

Once I opened the door I was shocked to see May standing there smiling at me.

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