Sail with me

Louis is the kind of guy that you would see sitting in a dark alley crying. Something happened to him. Something that he will never forget. He lost someone. In fact he lost two people. His wife and his daughter. Ever since he lost them he couldn't hold himself together. He started smoking, and doing drugs. But he only did that to help him forget about them. The thing is, is that it never works. You can't just forget about someone that you loved. His daughter was only 2 years old and his wife was only 22 years old. Same age as louis.
Harry on the other hand is the kind of guy that you would see socializing with many people. He's a very friendly guy who has a lot of friends. I guess you can say he's a prep. But we aren't in school anymore so he's just a cool person. But the thing about Harry is that he has a secret. A secret that nobody knows about.
What happens when Harry and louis meet?


1. Chapter 1

Louis POV

The sound of my alarm clock woke me up from my slumber. Here goes another day without them. My wife. My daughter. Gone. I swung my feet over so I was sitting on the side of my bed. I rubbed my hands over my face, taking a deep breath. Hitting the alarm clock, I stood, stretching my back then walking out to the kitchen. I lived in a small apartment with only two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a small living room. When I walked into the kitchen I walked over to the fridge, making sure to say a quick 'good morning' to Tux. Tux is my cat. I guess you can probably call me crazy because I talk to my cat. Tux was my daughters cat so I kept him. Tux is only a couple months old so he's still a kitten. Tux meowed, hopping out of his small bed then walking over to the fridge with me, rubbing up against my leg. I smiled down at him and opened up the fridge getting out the milk then closing it. Tux began scratching at my foot, begging for food. I took out a bowl that was in the cabinet and filled it with milk then getting out a second bowl, pouring cat food in it. I put both of the bowls down at the ground and Tux instantly began nibbling at his food.

After I fed Tux, I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the small table I had. About a month ago was when My wife and Daughter left. I hate thinking about them because it ends up bringing memories back and it just makes me even more upset. I have to stay strong. I'm basically bottling up all my feeling and one day I'm going to break. I go by this saying. "Stay strong. Make them wonder why your still smiling". I guess that helps remind myself to stay strong. That's what I'm doing. I'm doing it for my wife and daughter. I always hear these voices in my head saying stay strong and they sound just like its them. I feel like they are still here, even though they aren't. I shook all the thoughts out of my head, feeling tears brim the side of my eyes.

When I finished the cereal I walked back into the kitchen, rinsing the bowl, then putting it in the dish washer. Today I decided I was going to go to a bar. Try and get my mind off of some things. But I wasn't going to go early. I was going to go around 6:00 so I still have some time. I walked up to the front door with Tux following behind. I put on my slippers and picked up Tux walking out side of my apartment. I was glad to see Eleanor out talking to the other neighbor. Eleanor lives a couple houses down from me. She's my wife's sister. When my wife died me and her spent a lot of time together, trying to heal from losing someone. She looks up at me and smiles then continues her conversation with, I believe her name was Annie. Annie was a little bit of an older woman than me and Eleanor are but shes really sweet. I walk over to my mail box and put my key in, Opening the box. I pulled out the things that were in the box and closed it taking the key out. The mail that I got was the usual. Magazines, bills, and letters. But there was one that caught my eyes. I pulled it out of the pile and read the label: To Louis Tomlinson. I'm sorry for your loss. It was from the bank. I open it up seeing a check that had a fairly large amount of money on it. I stared at it, realizing that it was my wife's money that was in the bank. I took a deep breath, noticing how that calmed me down a bit. Tears started brimming the corners of my eyes. Why did it happen? Why couldn't it have happened to me? A couple tears began falling down my face but I quickly wiped them away before anyone would notice. I closed the envelope and rushed up the stairs with the mail and Tux still in my hands.

I ran into my apartment and slammed the door behind me, then carefully put Tux down. I started pacing around my kitchen taking deep breaths, trying to calm myself down but it wasn't working. I leaned over the table and tears began pouring out of my eyes. Suddenly, Someones arms wrap around me. I turned around to see Eleanor. She smiled at me but I just sobbed. I laid my head in her shoulder as she began to rub my back. "Did you get a letter from the bank too?" Asked Eleanor. I nodded my head. We stood there, in the middle of my kitchen, while I cried into Eleanor's shoulder. After a while, once I've calmed down, I released my arms from around her and so did she. Eleanor gave me a sincere look but I just looked down at the ground. We stood there in silence, the only sound coming from me sniffling. I wiped the streaks of tears that were lightly coming down my face and looked up to Eleanor. "I'm going to the bar. Watch Tux for me" I said grabbing my coat, feeling a rush of anger go through me. I raced out the door and got in my car driving to the bar.

Eleanor's POV.

I feel really bad for Louis. Ever since my sister died hes been really upset. Its like he cant even control his emotions any more. I mean I feel the same because she was my sister but my sister was Louis wife. If you saw the way the were together, you would see how much love there was between the two of them. It was unstoppable. There was no way you can break it. Louis is a really strong person. I've never seen someone this strong. He's taking it really well but I know that deep inside hes crying for someone to help. I've tried my best to help but its impossible. He really needs someone. I don't want anything bad to happen.


Sorry for the short chapter:(

I tried my best with it since its the first chapter.

Hope you guys enjoy it:*


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