The Fault In Our Stars

Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal.


1. The Fault In Our Stars


The fault is not in the better,

the fault is in our stars.

We should be together,

whether we be near or far.


We are sick,

that we are for a fact.

It is not something you get over quick,

it is just not an act.


Due to the certain circumstance,

will our love never be.

But I will always love you,

for Earths eternity.


Okay, is all we say,

maybe okay is our always.

Okay is what we say,

it is not a Broadway but it is our way.


It seems as if we are stuck like glue,

but I want to be pulled apart.

I can not be near you,

just waiting for the grenade to blow up me heart.


Loving you was never hard to do,

if I never see you again it’ll be to soon.

I want to be back with you,

so we can cuddle and spoon.


I want to see the stars with you,

Hazel Grace you are my goal.

I want it to be just us two,

Without you I will lose my control.


I do not want to say goodbye,

my wish is to have you by my side.

Can you please tell me why,

I have cried?


Although I cannot see you,

and want to fall apart.

Your beauty is my cue,

My Angel you will live within my heart.

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