Being Luke Hemmings little sister.

Emma is a normal 16 girl, well sorta normal. Emma is Luke Hemmings little sister. Her brothers in the world second biggest band and they tour with One Direction the worlds most biggest band exact. She can't help but fall in love with Niall's looks. But she gets told a secret that she doesn't want.


1. One: Remade

Me and my brothers friend Ashton sat on the one of the scruffed chairs in his dressingroom. "So, you like Niall?" He asked. Blinking back the tears that were about to fall. Ever since I met Ashton; he claimed he was in 'love' with me. I don't believe that one bit. There's no such thing as love at first sight, well, I don't think so anyway. 

"Yeah, Ashton. I do, I'm sorry. I cannot control how I feel, If I like Niall, can't you just except that?" I sighed In deeply. He nodded, biting his lip to prevent tears. I loved Ashton, as a mate though. He's sweet, find, funny and smart. But I can't see a thing happening between the both of us. 


On the other hand, when I met Niall, I was attracted. That doesn't mean I love him though, crushin' and lovin' is different. Very different indeed. Ashton breathed in. "Well. Now I know that we will never be a thing, can I at least share a kiss with you?" He asked. I thought deeply about it. What if I felt something in it? What if I didn't?

Or what if I do and he doesn't?

Or if he does and I don't? 


"Okay. I guess it's the least I can give you," I swallowed. I got closer to Ashton, inches away from his soft lips. I closed my eyes and leaned in. Our lips touched and I felt something. I can't explain what. It was deep inside the pit of my stomach, but I'm sure I felt it. It flurrised inside me. Our lips moved in sync. I could feel his moist tongue graze against my bottom lip. 

Even though I know I shouldn't, I let him have the access he wanted to have. 

My lips parted and I could feel his tongue slide past my lips into my mouth. I felt him move his hands to my cheeks, causing the kiss to be deeper. My arms went around his neck. 

He pulled off. "I'm sorry if it was just worthless," He sighed. 


"It- Nevermind," I said before looking at him. 

I smiled and unwrapped my arms from his neck. 

I felt like I was evil, but I left him in satisfaction. I still felt bad, really bad. I guess that wasn't the thing he really wanted. He just wanted to date me. It wouldn't have to be serious. He doesn't want to love me. He just does. 


I feel like it's my fault. Everything bad happens to be my fault for some reason. I don't even know if I would get anywhere with Niall. 

I pulled myself up and walked away. Walking to Luke's dressing room. I wish Ben and Jack (mine and Luke's older brothers) were here. I miss them, but they're too busy with their manly jobs. While Luke is a singer and I'm a singer/model.

My parents liked that we all had good jobs. In the spotlight. 


It's fun being on tour with your brother and his band, and then the band that tours with your brothers band. Being Luke Hemmings little sister has it's perks. His fans are my fans, I meet new people everyday. I tour with 5 Seconds Of Summer and One Direction. I prefer 5 Seconds Of Summer. But Niall is good looking. He's a jerk sometimes, but he's hot. 

Whenever I'm bored, I just read fanfictions on Tumblr, Wattpad or a site called Movellas. I like seeing whatever they ship me with. Sometimes it goes really weird and they ship me with Luke and make a brother/sister fanfiction. I was virtually sick reading that. Tumblr is weird. 

A/N: Hey lovelies! I'm re writting BLHLS, don't worry, it goes along the same lines. Love you guys to death. I shouldn't say that, lmao. Anyways, hope you like it, and I'll be doing shoutouts to the first three people to read this. Ilygsfm Xxx


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