Nornish elves

in the mountain Fodotain there lives a group of people at the top and a group of people at the bottom we follow along with a boy called Thachet into a world he has never seen


1. Thachet

Deep in the forest there was a tall mountain that no one could reach the top of. They called the mountain Fodotain after the only person that ever got near reaching the peak. Mount Fodotain was however home to some people or should i say elves. None of the Tritan people that lived in the village below the mountain knew at all. The elves called themselves Nornish because of the only elf that nearly managed to reach the bottom of the mountain (a coincidence.) Ever since Nornish the elf went down no one ever tried, because apparently someone found him and the same with Fodo, but there was one Nornish elf and one Tritan boy who wanted to explore up and down the mountain. the Tritan boy was called Thachet Jaomi and the Nornish elf was called Scrub-put junior after his great great elf-father. I think we shall follow the story of thachet though... 

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