Of Demons and Heroes

This is only a partial fan-fic. So, there is not an entire book about just One Direction here... Hi, my name is Lusetta.... but you might know me better as Black Shadow or Demon Bite... and I'm half demon... welcome to my world. I'm going to have some crazy things going on in my life so stay close, stay safe, and stay alive...now that that's out of the way... Let's go!


26. The Reason for Hate

Niall's POV~

I looked back and forth between Lu and Liam. Everyone knew that they had never exactly gotten along, but it seemed that it was hurting both of them to be talking. There were no raised voices loud enough to hear, but their facial expressions said it all. "What are you doing, Niall?" I spun around to find Harry behind me. "Just keeping an eye on them to ensure that there aren't any fights." Harry rolled his eyes and I knew that he didn't believe me. "Look, I know she's very charming and beautiful and all, but she's Zayn's girl. Besides, if you fall too far, you might land in a trap you never planned on finding... Love." I felt my eyes go wide at the word and I scoffed, trying to play it off as nothing. "Yea, yea, Harry. I'm not in love with her..." He nodded his head and walked off, leaving me to watch the two.

Lusetta's POV~

"So... she died in your arms?" He nodded his head slowly, letting the tears fall freely. "Liam, I-- I'm so sorry! If I would have known... I could've probably done something..." He shook his head and smiled despite the obvious pain. "Don't worry about it. I wouldn't want it an other way!" I smiled weakly and looked away into a bush where I thought I saw Niall. I blinked and it was gone, so I dismissed it as nothing. "Anyway, that's all I have to say... Shall we?" He asked, pointing back to camp. "Yea. I've got to fly ahead and see if I can find some new cars anyway. These are getting pretty trashed."

Zayn's POV~

She came back into camp with streaks down her cheeks as did Liam. I could tell it had been intense, but I didn't ask. Whatever had happened was between them. I ran to Liam and gave him a big hug and then walked over to where Lusetta now sat, donning her armor. "Where do you think you're going?" She looked up at me with eyes of blazing steel and then went back to strapping on her sword. "Anywhere I damn well please!" I could tell that she was still mad about what I had said and she had every right to be. "Look, Lu--" "No, you look! Just because my station has changed doesn't mean that I've changed! So... Just go away until you learn to accept me for who and what I am!" She raised her wings and soon I was being buffeted by the air of her takeoff. "I'll see you when I come back, Zayn. Don't wait up!" She yelled, causing my head to have a sharp and quick pain. "Don't worry about that, Lu... I wasn't planning on it!" After that, she closed her mind off to me. I was worried for a while, but then again, I knew she could take care of herself.

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