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16. 12/8/13: Trip to Hiroshima Part 3

On Sunday, we quickly boarded a bus after eating breakfast.

As we drove to the ferry that would take us to Miyajima, a sweet tour guide taught us various Hiroshima-ben words, or Hiroshima language.

"When my daughter talks to me on the phone, when she talks about herself, instead of using watashi, she will use uchi."

She had us all laughing with her comments, including saying the bus driver and Darrien from CIEE were both very handsome.

As we boarded the ferry, looking into the water, I saw several white things. At first I thought it was trash. But looking closer, it was jellyfish! In the sea, floating, thousands and thousands of jellyfish.

As we approached the island, the first glimpse we had was of the famous tori gates, painted a bright cheery red, rising out of the water and the mountains in the backdrop.

The architecture of the shrine was amazing. We even got to see the priests in the middle of service. 

We then opted to go to the top of the mountain, which consisted of several cable cars carrying us to dizzy heights. The view was incredible. The temple and shore seemed so small from so far up. After the amazing view, Ellie and I ate oysters under a maple tree near a koi pond, at a small restaurant on the mountain. It was straight out of a guide book into real life, completely vivid with the leaves just turning a rich crimson.

Adding to Miyajima's beauty was the charm of the animals inhabiting it. The deer, or shika.

They were completely tame and loved being petted. But be warned, if they see you have food, they become quite agressive. At one point, Lea was carrying a paper bag. The deer, suspecting food was in the bag, tore it open and began eating the paper, splitting the bag in the process.

After eating lunch, we left the shrine to go back to the Shinkansen station. When I arrived home in Tokyo, I presented my host family with Momiji Manju, the famous sweet from Miyajima. We at the maple-leaf shaped cakes together, and then I went straight to sleep.

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