Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


7. Chapter Seven

He stumbles up to grab his pants and puts them on and he just goes shirtless and slides on his shoes. We go downstairs and go out to his car and jump inside. “Let’s check all of the local bars.” He says and I nod. He pulls out of the driveway and starts driving to the bar. I bite my lip, he could get himself killed, what is he thinking? I think to myself as we pull into the parking lot of the local dive bar.

Niall’s POV

I stumble down the alley, my vision blurred and my footing off. “Can you hook me up?” I ask passing by pedestrians, all of them pushing me away. “You! Yeah, you,” I point to the high school boy standing with a backpack on his back. “What?” He asks and I stumble over to him. “Can you hook me up?” I ask, staring at him, trying to keep the stars from my vision. “What do you mean?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “Do you have any type of drug with you?” I ask, wiping the beads of sweat from my forehead. “Maybe,” he says and I perk up. “Show me!” I exclaim and he pulls out a baggy with white crystals, resembling sugar in it and I look at him. “How much do you want?” I ask and he laughs. “This? This isn’t for sale.” He laughs and I glare at him. “Then why did you show me?” I ask and he laughs again. “To show you that it’s mine,” he says and I growl and then punch him in the face and then start kicking him and punching him, making him lay in a pool of blood. “Don’t tease me you little fucker, you don’t know me.” I say, picking up the baggy and walking away with it in my hand. I open up the baggy, pushing the bottom of it to poke through the top and I start to snort the white crystals. “Hey there big boy, care for a quickie?” A girl asks and I look up and she is smirking at me. I start getting dizzy but I nod my head and she smiles and walks up to me.

Nora’s POV

“He is nowhere in sight!” I exclaim, sitting back in the car. “Come on, let’s just go home and file a police report.” He says and I sigh. “Let me just go take a walk, please.” I say and he nods. I walk off and take deep breaths. Why do I care so much? He broke my heart repeatedly. I stop when I hear groaning. “Right there,” a woman’s voice says and I just stop there. “Almost there!” She shouts and I hear a deeper groan. “You are the best.” She says and then a woman walks toward me and she smiles and walks past me. I go to see the guy and I see a guy with his back pressed against the wall and his head hung forward. “I thought you might have been at one of the bars.” I say, walking up to Niall. “No because I know you would find me there.” He says, looking up at me and his eyes are red. “What have you been doing?” I ask, crossing my arms. “You just heard what I was doing.” He says and I roll my eyes. “What else Horan?” I ask, tapping my foot on the cement. “Nothing,” he says and I laugh. “Don’t lie to me, this isn’t high school anymore, I am not the naïve nerdy girl I used to be, so spill it.” I say and he rolls his eyes. He stands up straight, towering over me. “You are not my mum so you can’t just come down here and demand me to tell you anything.” He says, narrowing his eyes. “I will do what I want because I am just trying to help you and I can say the word and you can be shipped off to jail so I suggest you speak up.” I say, narrowing my eyes too. “Drugs,” he says and I sigh. “Let’s go.” I say, grabbing his arm and pulling him but just yanks his arm back, causing me to run into his chest. “I am not going anywhere.” He says and I sigh. “Come on!” I say and I call Marcel. “What?” He asks and I sigh. “Found him, down the alley.” I say, staring at him. “On my way,” he says, hanging up and I put my phone in my pocket.

Marcel shows up and he flicks away the cigarette he was just previously holding and walks up to Niall. “What the fuck is your problem?!” He yells in his face and Niall just stares at him. “Nothing, what’s yours?” Niall asks and Marcel pushes him against the wall and Niall punches Marcel and he stumbles backward and Niall starts hitting him. “Niall!” I shout, running over and trying to pull him off of Marcel. I get pushed back and I just watch Niall brutally beat Marcel. Niall gets up and I stare up at him and he stares down at me. I get up and run at him and start hitting his chest. “You are an asshole! I wish I would have never met you!” I shout and he only grabs my forearms and pushes me away from him. “Just go the fuck away.” He says, walking away. I walk over to Marcel and he groans. I help him up and I drive him home and then take him to the bathroom. “Sit.” I order and he does and I start cleaning up his cuts.

I finish and smile at him. “You look ten times better.” I say, laughing and he gets up, towering over me. “Thanks.” He says and starts to walk past me but I put my hand on his chest. “Tomorrow we need to put him in jail, as soon as we find him.” I say, looking at him and he nods. “Guest room is down the hall, goodnight.” He says and I nod and walk down the hall and open the door and close it behind me and lie down and close my eyes and fall asleep.

Authors Note

Partially long chapter!! :D I hope you liked it -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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