Therapy || Sequel of the Dare *Completed*

Niall's back and he is in trouble.


11. Chapter Eleven

Marcel’s POV

I wake up the next morning to the familiar smells and sounds of my home. I go downstairs and to the living room and stop in my tracks. Nora is asleep on Niall’s chest. I stare at them, a ping of jealousy arising from the pit of my stomach. Wait, Nora only wants to help him, that’s all. I go back upstairs and go to Harry’s room. He is only a towel. “Harry.” I say and he turns. “What Marcie?” He asks and I roll my eyes. “Go to the living room.” I say and he sighs. He slides on his boxers, pulling his towel off after and he goes downstairs and I follow him. He stops in the doorway of the living room and stares in at them. “Well, there you have it.” Is all he says and then walks away. I follow him, staring at the back of his head in puzzlement. “That’s it, there I have it? Have what?” I ask and he turns to me. “What is the big deal with this?” He asks and my cheeks start burning at the remnants of last night. “Marcie, is there something you want to tell me?” Harry’s voice snaps me out of my thoughts. “No, why?” I ask and he chuckles. “Well, it looks like you’re happy to see me.” He says and I look down and quickly turn away. “What happened?” Harry asks from behind me and I turn to him slightly. “Nora and I made out.” I say and his eyebrows raise and his lips curve upward into a smirk. “I knew you liked her.” He says smirking and I blush.

Nora’s POV

I wake up, yawning. I feel someone’s hands around my waist. I sit up and turn and stare down and I gasp. “Um,” I say, getting up and escaping to the kitchen. “Hey Nora,” Harry says, winking and I just stare at him and then I look at Marcel who’s face is beet red. “What did I miss?” I ask and Harry bursts out laughing. Marcel turns toward me and walks past me. “What the fuck?” I ask and Harry just keeps laughing. I walk over and hit his arms and he starts breathing heavy and wipes his eyes. “He likes you.” He says, snorting but biting back his laugh. “What?” I ask and he sighs. “Marcel has a crush on you and he got a boner thinking about you.” He says and I blush. “Um,” I say, turning and running into someone’s chest. “Morning Niall,” Harry says his voice full of amusement. “What the fuck is so funny?” Niall asks and I step back and walk around him and start to go upstairs. I knock on Marcel’s door and then walk in. “Nora, please go.” He groans from his bed and I sit next to him. “Marcel, do you like me?” I ask and he looks at me. “No.” He says, getting a little defensive. “Marcel.” I say and he looks away and turns away. I stand on his bed and start jumping on it. “Marcel!” I shout and he curls into a ball. I drop down on top of him and start kissing his cheek. “Marcel.” I whisper in his ear and he pulls his face away from his hands and looks at me. He turns on his back, grabbing my hips. “Do you like me?” I ask, resting my hands on his chest. “I said no.” He says and I smirk and lean down and kiss his jaw. “Still no?” I ask and he wraps his arms around me. “Yes,” he says and I kiss his cheek. “How about now?” I ask and he smiles. “I still don’t like you.” He says and I smile and lean down and kiss his lips. “Now?” I ask and he pulls me back down to him and kisses me again. “Yes.” He says, smiling and I kiss him again and it feels right.

Authors Note

Finally updated this! I hope you liked this chapter! -Over&&Out

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