Best friends {COMPLETE}

Hey I'm Angelina. My best friend is a guy. His name is Jack. Jack Dail. He's been my best friend since I can remember. He's always there for me when I need him. But when I get my new boyfriend. I think he gets a bit jealous...


28. Caught

I woke up in my bed exhausted still. "Well finally" my mother said as she stood there arms crossed. "Really Angelina? Sneaking out?" She asked.

"Angie" I corrected her.

"I don't care! Your grounded and you disobeyed me" she said.

i didn't say anything. She shook her head and walked downstairs. I wiped my eyes.

i walked downstairs and looked at the time. 2:30pm. I was suppose to meet Adriana and the girls at 2:40pm. I got up. "I gotta go see jack" I lied.

"really?" She asked annoyed.

"yes. He said he wanted to talk" I said. She shook her head "fine."

i nodded and walked out. I sat down when I saw Marcella's car. "Get it" she said. I ran in. I got in. Jessica was missing. "Where's Jessica?" I asked.

"She...well her mom...caught her smoking weed last night" Adriana said as Marcella started driving. "At her house?" I asked.

she nodded. "Wow that hella sucks" I said. "Beer?" Adriana asked. "Just one" I said. They laughed and so did I.

"wanna take a hit?" Fatima asked.

"I don't know...drinking is one thing.." I said.

"Comon" Fatima said.

i shrugged. She handed me the apple. "Apple?" I laughed.

"I had nothing else right now" Adriana laughed. I shrugged and took a hit.

i coughed. "Strong" I said.

"yeah...another?" Fatima asked. I shook my head. "Noelle doesn't either" Adriana said. 

"That is bad for your health!" Noelle said as she drank her beer.

"like that isn't" Marcella laughed.

JACK Prov.

ring ring.

"jack can you get that" my mom said from the other room.

"okay" I said. I walked over an answered it.

"hello" I said.

"hey jack. Is Angelina over there?" She asked. It was Angelina's mom.

"no why?" I asked.

"oh great. Gotta go." She said.

"wait. Can I come with you...I have some things I need to talk with her about...please" I said.

"yeah okay I'll pick you up right now" she said.

-10 minuetes later-

"Be safe" my mom said.

"okay bye" I said as I heard her honk.

i ran out and got in her car. "How are we suppose to find her?" I asked.

"I figured she wasn't coming to your house" she started driving "so last night I put a tracker in her phone".

i nodded "smart."

she smiled. We drove around as she looked at her phone. Finally we stopped at a resteraunt. "I'll go check inside" she said. I nodded. She walked in. I looked around. I saw about four cars parked there.

she came back out. "Nope" she said. She looked at her phone. "It says here" she said.

"have you checked the cars?" I asked.

she nodded "Comon" she said. She checked a car and I checked the next one. Then finally I seen her. She and girls were drinking. And some were smoking. I guess her mom saw me staring. " found her?" She asked. I nodded.

she walked over there and opened it. "Mom?" Angelina asked upset.

"Comon were going home...are you drinking and smoking?" Her mom asked upset.

"I'm not going anywhere.." Angelina said. 

"That's your mom?...please don't snitch" one girl said. Her mom grabbed her by the arm. "Let go off me. I told you I'm not" Angelina said. She was drunk.

she pulled her out. "Comon" she said. "No!" She said as she broke free. She turned and saw me. "Jack?!" She said. "You snitch" she said upset walking towards me angrily.

"jacks here?" A girl said getting out smiling. 

"Angelina were going." She said as she pulled her to her car.

"sooo jack...your single right?" A girl said. I walked away. I walked over and got in the car. "I hat you jack" she said. "I'm sorry" I said.

"no shut up. I hate you" he said.

i shut up. Her mom dropped me off at my house. "Thanks jack for your help" her mom said.

"no problem" I said.

i looked at Angelina. "Bye Angelina" I said.

"I'll never forgive you" she said then turned not looking at me. I shut the door and walked inside.

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