Dark Horse

Liam Payne the good guy in One Direction, Daddy Direction, The mature one but when Liam comes across Jamie Johnson a perfect Goth girl and rebel and the Mayor's daughter little do they know what is to come is about to rock the core of both of them forever.


1. Start

I walked through the busy crowd trying to get through the crowd of idiotic girls who were crowding a store screaming and saying they loved people.

I pushed, shoved and swore as I made my way through the crowd finally getting through the crowd of stupid adolescent girls I swore but made my way to Starbucks walking over to the counter the girl gave me a dirty look.

"Give me a coffee." I spat not caring who she was, she knew who I was why should I be bothered by who she was she had no feelings.

She turned and started making it, as I stood there twirling a strand of my hair in my fingers and chewed the gum in my mouth really loud.

Without a word she handed me with coffee and I roughly grabbed the money from my pocket and slammed it on the counter.

"Keep the change." I said sweetly.

She looked dazed and I smiled turning around and walking out, bumping into someone and spilling my hot coffee all over me.

"What the hell!" I yelled looking up at the source a guy with brown hair in a type of mohawk his brown eyes watching me.

"I'm so sorry." He said. "Let me buy you a shirt ot another coffee."

"I'll show you sorry." I growled at him.

"Wait I've seen you before." He said.

Before I could respond my phone rung and I groaned picking it up out of my pocket and answering it. "What!"

"Where are you?" My Dad asked me.

"Out what is it any of your business." I spat aware the guy was watching me I glared at him.

"I'm your father it's all of my business what you do and where you go especially when you keep getting in trouble and I have a meeting your supposed to come with me." He said making me basically scoff.

"You know what it's my life stop trying to run it!" I yelled at my phone hanging up.

"Are you okay?" He asked me and I laughed.

"Piss off."

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