Arianna Brooks just moved opposite the hottest boy in town. Or should I say, the hottest player in town. That's right, you got it. Justin Drew Bieber. Who will win in the game of the player?

**This is only a short movella**


8. King's Party

Arianna's POV;

School was over and I was glad. Justin found at every attempt to touch me, bend me over. Of course, he earned a smack round the face. But did that stop him? Can I hear a N O.

Justin seems to believe I'm playing 'hard to get' and that I'm 'fiesty' but has he ever heard of 'never going to happen' maybe even 'rejection'?

But luckily, as of right now, it was the weekend. And how I loved the weekend. We were all sat down on the dining room table, eating breakfast. Other than Justin. Justin was probably in his house. I didn't really care.

"Arianna," Jeremy said, lifting a forkful of bacon to his mouth. "After breakfast, I would like you to go to Justin's house and tell him he needs to come over here as soon as he can because we have a surprise for you all." I nodded my head slowly, beginning to eat a lot slower than before. Like, why me?

"Why her?" Alice almost growled. I smirked, covering it with my drink.

"Because we know she has no attraction to Justin, Al." Mum said, I spat my drink, laughing. Alice got up furiously, pushing her chair back in and stomping away. "Stop laughing, Anna." My mum scorned.

I walked slowly out of the house in hope I would get shot or ran over. But this was a quiet town, none of that stuff happened. I walked towards his stupid door and knocked. He answered pretty quickly, with a smirk.

"Finally decide you want me?" He bit his lip, looking down at me. Crap, I forgot to change out of my shorts and vest top.

"In your dreams-"

"That's why they're w-"

"Your stupid dad and my stupid mum want to say something, ok? Come over soon as!" I yelled.

"Come in." He asked, but it was more of a command.



"Justin." I mocked his tone. He rolled his eyes. I gave up, walking into his house.

"It's exactly the same." I sighed.

"Come and see my room." Justin commanded once again.

"And get raped? No thanks," I smiled sarcastically and went to leave. He pulled me back then picked me up over his shoulder. "I said, no thanks." I rolled my eyes. He took me upstairs and flung me down on his bed. I sat up quickly.

"More comfortable, right?" He smiled. A genuine smile. Damn kid, he learned to smile. I nodded my head.

"Why does that matter?" I asked.

"Just checking which one you'd rather lose your virginity in when I take you." He smirked, again.

"You're not taking my virginity." I replied.

"Wanna bet?" He said, coming closer to me. I tried to push him away, but he kissed me. I don't understand it. I don't get why I get so paralysed when he kisses me. It's like I can't control my own flipping body. He kissed me harder, so I was led on the bed and he was ontop of me. Not literally on me, like floating. I wanted him. But, I couldn't have him. I wasn't going to have him. I pulled away.

"Justin, stop."

Justin's POV:

Her lips left mine, the weird tingly feeling leave.

"Justin, stop."

"I know you like it. I know you can feel it too, Ari." I replied, looking deep into her eyes.

"Feel what? Saliva?" She said, sarcastically. I kissed her softly again. I could feel her urge to wrap her arms around me. I could also feel her stopping herself. I lifted her arms up, putting them around my neck. "Justin, please." I heard her mumble in protest but I kissed her harder. "I do, I feel it." I pulled away and smiled.

"Good because I thought I was going crazy for a second," I chuckled and she rolled her eyes. She must have a condition or something. She leaned in and kissed me again. She managed to get up underneath me and sit herself on my lap, she leant up so she was kneeling. Her knees the either side of me. Her hair covered us.

"I don't know-" she said, pulling away but going straight back in. "Why I like-" she repeated. "Kissing you." She finally said, but she pulled back, concern in her eyes.

"You never have to stop," I replied, looking into her eyes. "You should get back. I'll come with you." I said, remembering that she had come over here for them and if she wasn't back, she would probably get into trouble.

"Wait," she said, before kissing me again. This time, it was harder. It was filled with passion, as she pushed me down. I ran my fingers through her hair and then spun us both round, so I was on top. The kiss was full of passion and we must have been there for about ten minutes.

"We gotta go." I said, pulling apart. She nodded, licking her lips and catching her breath. I pulled her up by her hand and walked down the stairs with her to the front door. I was about to open the front door before realising that I wouldn't be able to kiss her anywhere but here. I looked down at her, she blinked twice in confusion. I took her face with my hands and kissed her sweetly. I could sense her becoming turned on and I knew I wasn't far off. I pulled away, opening the door. We walked over to the other house. She opened the door and we both went in.

"Hi Justin!" Alice called, a massive smile upon her face. Ari groaned quietly. I smirked.

"Hey cutie," I smiled back at her and Alice blushed.

"Justin!" My Dad said, loudly as he ushered us all into the living room.

We all sat down whilst my Dad and Shaylee sat opposite us. I wonder what this is going to be about?

Arianna's POV:

"Me and Shaylee are getting married!" Jeremy said. My mouth fell open.

"What?!" Justin yelled, standing up. I looked up at him. "What about mom?" Justin continued. I bit my lip and looked at my mum who turned pale.

"Justin. Your mom wouldn't want me to be alone forever. She'd be happier here. If Shaylee was here looking after me. You can't expect me to be alone forever!" Jeremy's voice began to raise. I closed my eyes thinking about something else. I hated arguing. As much as I did it myself, loud voices scared me. I wasn't sure why. But I had a proper fear of them.

"It's not even that." Justin replied. He looked down at me. I could feel him looking at me. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at him. He looked at his Dad before walking away. I felt instantly hurt. I'd never really felt this way before.

"I can't believe you!" I yelled.

"Anna, don't raise your voice." My Mum shouted back at me.

"I hate you all!" I ran after Justin. I opened the front door and he was just going into his door. "Justin, wait!" I called to him. He turned around. I ran towards him and fell into his arms. He held me tight.

"Come on Ari, we're leaving."

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