One Heart(A Niall Horan fanfic).

19 year old Olivea Jane Collins moves to London, England and gets a job at Nando's. One day while she was working Niall Horan comes in and falls for Olivea and she falls for him as well. But what will happen when Zayn falls for her?! Will she fall harder for Zayn or harder for Niall? Will her best friend help her realize who she should be with or will her best friend fall for one of them?


1. Meet Olivea.

(That's Olivea^^^^^^^^)

Name:Olivea Jane Collins


Personality:Shy, quite untill you get to know her,amazing, and friendly. 

Style:Cute, colorful and casual. 

Job:Works at Nando's. 

Birthday:April 2nd 1994.

Eye color:Brown.

Hair color:Blonde.

Hobbies:Singing,drawing,photography, and football. 

Favorite color:Pink and purple. 

Favorite animal:Cat. 

Bestfriend:Grace Allison Murphy. 

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