Our World Now

This is for a competition so please like but it is about a girl named Rowan (because that's my favorite name). It's in her world which is the ruins of earth after a asteroid.
Characters Please!!!!!


1. I Know What's Right

I'm Rowan. I am 16 and a girl. My parents are dead. They died from the asteroid, me and my brother survived. Now that they have the government working everyone lives in peace. In our government, you do what your told or die. That is all there is to it.

"Josh! Go do the dishes." I yelled up the stair of the house me and my brother shared. He was older than me but acted younger.

"Isn't it your turn?" He asked poking me in the stomach, I gave him a look and he started to load the dish washer. We didn't have much technology. Just what wasn't destroyed. We were lucky and found a house barely touched. A wall was down but we didn't go into the family room anyways.

Outside I hear marching. This meant the army troops were coming through to check on everyone. I watched them march past the window where they stopped abruptly. That's odd, they usually find nothing wrong with our street. There are only 5 other families. I assume the Johnston boys did something wrong. They were younger than me and Josh and got in trouble often.

Instead a girl about my age, Piper, walked nervously in front of the soldiers. Through the window I heard the Chief in Command.

"Do you, Piper O'Brian take full responsibility for the murder of James O'Brian?" She shakes her head. I don't know Piper that well but I know that this same Commander had shot her brother right here. 

"YOU LIAR!" The Chief yelled. He raised his gun ready to shoot. "Tell us what did happen!" He bellowed. I watched her swallow hard. I walked out of my house, I wasn't able to do anything inside.

"Her brother," I yelled from the back of the crowd. "Was murdered by you." I held my head high. Josh came out and stood behind me, cowardly. He there to help but afraid to die. The Chief walked over to me slowly. I could hear each foot step thunder on the pavement. He stopped right in front of me and I looked into his eyes viciously.

"He was... Wasn't he?" He said slowly. He spat out the words like they were something sour on his tongue. "Now little miss, where are your parents, I would like to talk to them about you ungrateful behavior to authority." He held out the last syllable. I held my head high and tried not to cry. I had almost gotten over them and here he comes bringing them back up.

Josh took a step in front of me. "They are dead. Now if you don't mind we would all like to get home and sleep. It's getting dark out." He pointed to the sky. My brother wasn't a coward after all.

The chief looked at me and Josh before he walked away. I could see his hatred. I knew now he would do anything to kill us. Anything.

"I want you all in bed now. You will have training in the morning." With that, him and his troops walked away.


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