The Cursed Book *on hold*

Jade Casey was normal twenty-five year old. She was getting married to a respectable man and she had a good job and her whole life planned out ahead of her. But at the wedding a strange woman wearing a black robe curses her before she can complete her vows. Jade gets sucked into a portal to another world where she she finds a book in her hands that wasn't there before. She tries to get rid off it but it always returns. Jade must find out how to get back home or be trapped forever.....


6. Ixia

When the book sucked me in this time my landing wasn’t the best in fact I hit it pretty hard on something and was knocked unconscious. By the time I regained consciousness it was broad daylight.

I looked around and found myself in an infirmary that had a medieval style to it. I appeared to be the only one in it. All the empty beds in the room made me feel alone is such a strange place.

A nurse came into the room with a tray of food. “Good, you’re awake.” She placed tray across my legs in front of me. “If you feel well enough the Commander would like to see you.”

“I’m well enough, but can I ask you something?” The nurse nodded. “Where am I?”

“Well you’re in the infirmary in Military District 6 of Ixia of course,” she replied before leaving the room.

“Shit this can’t be.” I said to myself as I reached over to grab my bag that was on the small nightstand next to the bed then unzipping it and pulling out the cursed book to see if what she had been told was true.

Magic Study. Ixia, Military District 6: the Commander Ambrose’s Castle,’ it read. I don’t know how I was going to survive this one with Ferde Daviian around stealing souls. What if he caught me and I could never leave this book?

As I ate my military quality breakfast, the worry of what could happen to me set in. The Commander might suspect that I am a magician and execute me? It didn’t feel like I could access the power blanket but who knows maybe when he came in it would all of a sudden flare up? The more possibilities I came up with the sicker I felt to the point where I could no longer eat anything.

The large wooden doors into the infirmary opened to reveal the Commander on the other side who was followed in by the nurse. She took my unfinished breakfast tray out of the room with her and left me alone with the commander.

“What’s your name?” Commander Ambrose asked.

“Jade Casey.”

“How did you get here?”

“I was cursed by a magician in another realm.” I replied with a slight sigh. “The curse that I’m trying to deal with, so far has made me travel into different realms. I am not sure how long I will be here so don’t try and look for me if I go missing all of a sudden.”I said hoping the Commander would understand and let me stay in Ixia in MD-6.

“Do you remember last night, when you were outside the castle?”  Commander Ambrose inquired.

“A portal spat me outside the castle but as soon as I made contact with the ground outside the castle and I blacked out. That is all I can remember.” I answered.

Commander Ambrose seemed to consider what I had said for a few moments before speaking again. “Nurse Camille was the one who gave you check up when you entered the infirmary. She found a tattoo that said ‘Yelena Zaltana’ on your left wrist.  I don’t believe that it is just a coincidence.”

I rolled up my left sleeve and sure enough her name was there. Yelena was the main protagonist of this book series just like how Harry was for his. “So far this is the second name that has appeared on my wrist and they have both been important characters of the realm.” I concluded.

“Do you know the laws here in Ixia? Anyone found to be a Magician is executed in Ixia, do you understand? Just because you have Yelena’s name on your wrist won’t save you.” The Commander put firmly.

“Understood,” I was no stranger when it came to this book series, just knowing how the main character managed to survive this place being a magician. She wasn’t Commander Ambrose’s poison taster for being a magician though. It was for something a lot grimmer.

“In Ixia, everyone has a job in which they contribute to keep Ixia running smoothly. Its people are safe and life here is ordered. You may choose what you would like to do in your time here, but we do not tolerate disobedience when it comes to direct orders. Understood?” Commander Ambrose declared to me as the only chance I had to live as an Ixian. Of course there was no way I could decline it because that would set my fate and I absolutely sure I wouldn’t enjoy my time if I decided against him.

“Yes sir.” I Nodded.

“Nurse Camille will escort you to your living quarters.” Once he had said it, he turned on his heel and left. Promptly afterwards Nurse Camille re-entered the room. I noticed that I was still in my Hogwarts robes.

“Are you ready to go to your new room? Once you pick a job you’ll get a uniform.” I put everything back into my bag thinking about how Nurse Camille must have been listening in on the whole thing. I looked up to see that see was starring at my bag.

“How do you open it?” They must have tried to open it while I was unconscious and try and find out something about who I was. At least they couldn’t get into it since it had the undetectable extension charm on it. The commander hated magic and he executed any magicians found in Ixia without the right paper work. Well almost all Magicians, the only one to still end up alive is Yelena Liana Zaltana. Guessing from her name on my arm must mean that I was here to met her and help with something or just enjoy the experience here in this other world.

I wish it wasn’t as harsh here as the books described. It must be summer time at least I don’t need to worry about dying of the winter’s cold.

“Here there is a hidden clasp made from titanium, which is also weaved in to the bag’s fabric so it can’t be forced open.” I directed my hand to the fabric over the zip and lifted up the clasp from underneath. I know from the Wizarding World they put on elusion charms so the magic of the bag was hidden up close. “Is it okay, if I ask you not to tell too many people? Commander Ambrose fine, but I don’t want people trying to steal my one of a kind bag.”

“Okay, Valek the Commanders top man will be here in ten to discuss your career choice.” I nodded in response.

It made me wonder whether Yelena was in MD-6 at the moment. No she isn’t she’s at the Keep learning how to use her magic.

Valek entered the room in exactly ten minutes. I was ready, but when I saw him I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was even better looking than he was described in the books. His eyes sparkled with mischief, his toned muscles looked really good in his fitted uniform, his face looked like it had been sculpted by a god, and he had just as a mystique aura around as I thought.

“I understand that you will be with us for a while. Have you decided on what you want to do?” He said.

“Yes, I don’t want to be weak anymore. I don’t want to die because I have no idea how to protect myself. I want to break the curse I’m under so I can get back to my life.” I answered.

“So you want to join the ranks in the military.”

“Yes sir.”

“Where are you from?” He asked.

“In a city called Ravenscliff, in another realm far away from this one.”

“I will have a uniform made for you and just one other question.” I nodded. “How do you know Yelena? It can’t be a mere coincidence that her name is on your wrist.” He raised an eyebrow sceptically.

“I read about her in a book, a true Soulfinder. That is how I know her but she doesn’t know me. For the reason I have her name on my wrist is that it’s part of the curse that’s on me.” I sighed at though.

“Read about her? How is that?”

“In my realm her life is in a few books of fiction.” I replied.

“Does she—“

“Well before you get to that I can’t really tell, otherwise the Storyweavers of Sandseed clan will be on my back as it might end up destroying your path in the future.” I cut him off, knowing what he was going to ask.

“Okay,” He nodded with understanding. “I’ll send up the lady that does all the uniforms up to get your fitting done. Afterwards come outside when you are done and I’ll see what you’ve got.” He gave me a look like he thought I was untrustworthy as if I might be a spy but believed most of what I said.

It didn’t long for the sewing lady to get my measurements and then I was out the door. She didn’t ask any questions she seemed to be busy. I had already taken off my cloak and put it in my bag as well as my Hogwarts jersey.

I went outside and shortly after Valek met me. “We’ll start with hand to hand combat and then work our way up through all the different weapons.” He instructed. “Show me want you got.”

I raised my fists closer to my face, nervous about how I was going to attack or defend myself and quite frankly I was scared. He was a skilled fighter. I trying to get in a punch and tried to stay on my toes at the same time. It was unsuccessful obviously, he blocked it with ease. He then took me out to the ground very fast. In that movement as I began swiftly as I could to get up, I lashed out my legs to trip him up. He seemed to see it coming. I was predictable with every move that I made from then on and for every time I got up I would soon then be back on the ground. No matter how hard I tried to think faster and be less predictable.

Every now and then he would stop to give me some pointers and show me some mind game tactics to use on the opponent,  which I picked up on pretty quickly and without him telling me anymore I started to figure out other mind games I could play.

Although I wasn’t strong like he was I began to last longer before ending up back on the dirt. I don’t know how long we had been going for. I was beginning to tire.

“I think we are done here for now.” Valek said when I was on the verge of exhaustion; he looked reasonably impressed with my ability to improve. “I’ll show you around so when you get your uniform you can clean up.”

First he took me to where the bathes were the joy of communal bathes. I wasn’t looking forward to it.


I trained with Valek for the next three days and I had started practicing with a bow and arrow as well as knives. I was okay with the bow but a lot better with a knife. Though I never got the better hand over Valek I had improved a lot. Sometimes when the others had finished their work for the day they would come over and watch us. At first I found it distracting but I soon learned how to have focus like a laser.

It was on the fourth day he had been given an assignment of spying on the magicians at the Keep.

Before he went he told me to train with the others and brought me over to the squad I was going to train with. “This is Jade and she will be joining your squad. Where is your Captain?” Valek introduced me.

“He’s coming, Sir.” The one with short curly black hair responded.

 I couldn’t believe it when he walked over. He did look different though, muscle more toned, his hair was shorter and sadness emanated from his eyes.

“Xavier?” He looked towards me with a shock ridden expression.

“Jade, what are you doing here?” Reflecting the same surprise I must have been showing.

“You two know each other?” Valek seemed amused.

“Yes, he broke my heart back in Ravenscliff.” Seeing him now, brought back all that pain and heart ache I had been hiding for the past year.

“It wasn’t my fault. I was drugged. I tried to explain it to you but you wouldn’t listen or answer any of my calls. I’ve been so alone without you.” Xavier explained.

“I’m sorry but I just can’t believe you and I don’t know if ever will be able to again.” Tears threatened to surface but chocked them down. I didn’t want to look weak in front of the other soldiers.

“Do you want to be put in another squad?” Valek asked by I knew it would make me look weak if did take up his offer.

“No,” I sighed. “But I do have one condition.” I looked at Xavier. “Don’t talk about it again.”

He stopped and then nodded.

“Okay, see you later Jade.” Valek then walked away into the crowd and vanished as if into thin air.

“Okay. The morning run is first, let’s go.” Xavier commanded.

When they started to run I didn’t expect them to run as fast as they did but they did it every morning, so did I.

I overtook the whole squad plus everyone else from the other squads at the front.

“Son of snow cat!” I heard Janco say. “Who is that?”

I ran marathons in my free time when I was alone since Zac was barely around. Well that and my paintings. Running around the castle was easy and I finished the laps a few minutes before everyone else.

If you are wondering who Janco is if you haven’t read the books, he’s high up in the military and is friends with the main protagonists.

“Who are you? I’ve never seen you before.” Janco panted.

“Jade Casey sir.  I got here yesterday. ” I replied.

“The strange arrival?” I nodded. “You’re really fast.”

“Were I come from running is quite the sport to get into.”

“I’m Janco. I might see you around.”

“Okay, see you later.” He strode off in the direction of his squad.


At first training was awkward for everyone in our squad from all the tension between Xavier and me. Almost a week pasted before the tension dissipated enough for there to be a normal conversation. Xavier didn’t mention the past like I asked and I soon got to know the other soldiers better. My battling abilities increased enough for me to stand more of a chance against the men in my squad.

The best thing about training was the running in the morning; I started to get some competition from Janco and Ari. Even some of the men in my squad started to pick up the pace. It was a lot of fun beating them all.

Xavier still tried to make things right between us but I couldn’t accept any of it. After ten days, it didn’t seem quite so bad being around him.

I spent a lot of time with the men after training which was mostly to have dinner together as a group. There weren’t any woman in my squad and I saw very few in the ranks of the military. Xavier didn’t always come and sit with us. It’s mostly because of the paperwork he had to do.

Put tonight he was there. We were caught up in conversation but Xavier seemed to listening in from the outside.

“So when Jax and I were finished with lunch we went into Doc’s room and we put worms in his bed and soap in his slippers. Doc was screaming like a girl last night, even Jax could hear it from her room.” Gaston said lost in his story. Everyone laughed except Doc since he was always the target for the pranks and jokes.

Xavier seemed a bit more distant than normal. He got up from his chair. “I think I’ll head in, I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“So Jax, how come you don’t forgive him already? We see the way you look at him.” Gaston asked me after he was gone. The nickname comes from a very embarrassing event which involved an axe.

“It’s not that. It’s just I’m engaged now and it’s complicated.”

“What do you mean? You’re involved with another man?”

“I was about to get married, but I didn’t get to complete my vows. I barely see him that sometimes I wish I never got in to the relationship in the first place in the first place.” I started, but I couldn’t finish what I really wanted to say. What I really wanted to say was I don’t love him and I always feel like I’m alone with him, but I wasn’t mean like that to talk behind his back like this.

I did surprise myself when I agreed to help Gaston with his prank on Doc. I have lived more here in these books than in my real life.

“So does Captain Xavier have a chance?” I looked down at my hands and twiddled my thumbs.

“I think I’m ready to head in. See you guys tomorrow.” I quickly got up and left before they could stop me.

When I walked out the door I felt a sharp pain in my neck and blacked out.


When I woke is was in a crate steadily moving along the track. I was bound and gagged, sat next to someone else. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the lighting. When I could finally see, I recognized who it was immediately. Xavier he was awake too and watching me.

I started to rub the material of the gag against my shoulder and managed to pull it off enough to speak. Xavier seemed to have little luck getting his off.

“I’m sorry, but if we don’t escape they will kill us in the ritual to gain power.” I whispered. I saw that my bag was still over my shoulder. They must not been able to get it off. It gave me an idea.

“Turn around and try to grab my bag. There is something in it that could help us.” Without a word he followed my orders. “Bring it around to my hands so I can reach into it.” I whispered, not knowing if our captors realized that we were awake.

I reached inside and managed to find me wand. I don’t know it was going to work here since they drew their power from a blanket of power in the sky. It was worth a shot anyway.

“Do you trust me?” I looked over my shoulder and saw him nodded. I aimed my wand at the rope biding his hands. “Incendio.”

A ball of fire shot out of my wand and landed on the rope and broke through it in no time. The remaining rope continued to burn after it fell off his wrists. He then removed his gag and untied me.

“I didn’t know you could do magic.” Xavier said.

“Well I don’t know if I mentioned that before I was taken here, I was in the Harry Potter world and I learnt a lot of the spells with my fellow Ravenclaws.” I explained.

“You probably did,” He sighed. It looked like he wanted to say more but knew that we needed to get out of here.

I pulled out a large cloak that Professor McGonagall had given me and whispered an incantation. “Put this on.”

He gave me a strange look but put it on anyway. The charm worked he now was mostly invisible.

“Make sure you put the hood up.” I reached out and pulled the hood up for him and gave him a sad smile. “I will get you out of this. Just stay silent and under the cloaks invisibility. There is no way we are going to get out of here without drawing attention to us. When we get out don’t stop running and don’t come back for me. I’ll be right behind you.”

With my wand in my hand I raised it to the side of crate, “Bombarda!” The side of the crate flew out with a small explosion. I heard shouting.

“I told you should have tried harder to remove that bag of hers’! You utter fool!” the driver growled.

Once I was out of the crate I could see three men walk around to face me. It caught them by surprise that it was only me.

“Where did the other one go?” I took up a defensive stance with my wand. They looked confused and then the second one spoke again. “You think that stick is going to do any damage against us?” they all laughed in sync.

“Petrificus Totalus!” I yelled and the ice like curse shot out off my wand and froze the one who had recently spoken. He roughly fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The one that was the driver started to run the other was too stunned to move an inch. “Stupefy!” I aimed at the runner. He fell forward landing on his face heavily. I quickly whipped around and stunned the last man standing and looked around to make sure that no one was left.

I made sure that they were still unable to move before I raised my wand once again. “Are you going to kill us?” The man with a dark beard and scrunched up face. There was some fear that he was trying to hide in his voice.

“No, Obliviate.” I erased all their memories one by one of the time they had seen us. I even attempted to replace them with others’ so they wouldn’t come for us again. Once it was all over I started to run my way back up the track to the boarder, even though I had no idea how I was going to get back in without any paperwork. That’s just how it works with Ixian’s.

It hadn’t been long since I had been running before I heard Xavier. “Jade, wait up! We can’t go back to the castle we don’t have any of the paperwork.” I stopped.

“We should change and find somewhere in Sitia that we could be safe for tonight.” Xavier nodded and made our way through the forest and I suggested that we should travel under the cloak just in case someone tried kidnap us again. 

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