My Story

This is my story. The story of my life. Well not all of it. Maybe writing it down will help. Who knows?


1. My first memory. My only memory.

I don't how to start. I have deleted so much and rewritten it again and again. Please help!

Okay. My name is Hannah and I am 15 years old. I'm going to start from the beginning. I'm not asking for sympathy I just need to talk and... this is the best I can get. I'm not that great a writer on the best of days so I apologise in advice. 


I remember standing in an airport in the arrivals area. I know now it was Leeds-Bradford but at the time I probably didn't. As a young child I felt the arrivals lounge was small, in my mind it was. One door from somewhere I didn't know to where I am now. The doors opened and various people came through, but not who I was waiting for.

My dad worked on a ship. A container ship. Later in his life he was a captain for Maersk, but before I don't know. He would spend 3 months away on a ship travelling the world and then 3 months at home with me and my mum. Maybe that's why I have barely any memories, maybe I do have memories but I don't want to remember.

At last the door swing open and a fairly small man with black hair, glasses and a bit of stubble pushed his trolley with his cases on through. I ran towards him and hugged him tight. I can imagine it now, him wearing a blue shirt but not smart and his signature blue jeans. 

I was a small child with longish brown hair and a fringe who looked (and still does) about 2 years younger than she actually was. It would have looked like a perfect life and at the time it was, apart from him being away half of the time. 

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