The Tempest Trio

The Perfect Storm. One that will destroy us all.
Only those three have the power to use it.
To Destroy us.
Or Protect us.


3. Joules

11 Years Ago

The storm was to be expected, you always have one or thirty this time of year, but they were never normally this violent, ever. The few people that still lived here remained in their shelters, the other had packed up and left. As soon as the storm warning came over the sirens, and the radio blared out that this storm would be the worst this country had seen in forever, they hadn't dared stayed, none of them cared that tonight, something was making it's grand entrance;


Joules, Second-in-command of the Trio, controller of Electricity, Music, Life and Shields, was abandoning it's form to become one of the Humans it cherished so, even though it meant leaving it's plasma-like light blue form, it didn't mind, it was the guardian of life, to become one with it suited it.

What it hated however was the violent lightning storm as a result of the exchange, it thought about all those people this might kill, it didn't want that. It would be horrendous! But it had no choice, Power for Blood, Plasma for Flesh. It was the only option. It was perfect.

The storm ended on it's third day, everyone left their shelters, to pickup the pieces of their destroyed homes, to find no destruction, just a wail, like that of a small child, coming from the Tower.

It was an old thing, the Tower, it was meant to be a skyscraper, but the money dried up shortly after the shell was built, a few if the steel girders remained though, at the top of it. Which appeared to be where the wails were emanating.

Everyone now gathered at the base of the Tower, they heard it, even louder than ever, it was a beautiful sound, it had everyone stood gawking at the melody, then two people shook themselves out of their reverie; Daniel and Natalia Raiden. They shook themselves from the melodious tune and climbed the Tower.

When they reached the top of it, they found the source, a baby, no more than a few days old.

He had pink skin and blonde hair, when he opened his eyes you found green limes staring at you, on his collarbone was the symbol of Joules, and the baby was true to his past name, full of energy.

The couple gently walked over, as if scared that he might run away, once they reached him, he stopped crying, and as they picked him up, he started laughing, it wasn't as harmonious as his cries, but it made up for that in rhythm. The two smiled and started the long descent down, "I think he should be called Daman? Don't you think Daniel?" Natalia smiled as she turned to her husband, who in turn done the same, "I think that's the perfect name for him Nat."

They never knew they were raising a God.

I don't think they would've cared though.

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