Knock Knock

You have heard of the SHGF, right?

SHGF- Special hunters and ghost finders.

There a team of three guys that go from door to door solving the haunted places around town.

But something about this place is different from what they have seen before.

The constant knocking on walls, the small hand prints that stain the windows and mirrors, the loud echo's of screaming that comes for the attic.

It almost seems unreal!!

But the SHGF, is a team that proves all of these things to be false!

This time.... there not so sure......


1. ch -1-

               I stood with Zelo and Hanbyul in front of the St. Jacksons mansion.


    ''Here we are,'' Zelo said looking from the map to the mansion. A gust of wind blew rustling leaves around.


  ''Are you ready Hansol??'' Zelo asked. I nodded and grabbed two cold metal bars from the gate, slowly I pushed open the gate and a loud eerie sound cast out draining out the silence.


  ''I think the gate needs a little bit of oil'' Hanbyul said covering his ears.


  ''The mansion it self needs a bit of repairing'' I said to Hanbyul before heading off down the cobble stone pathway.


  ''Hansol hyung is right'' Zelo said tilting his head to the side. ''It looks sorta... lopsided.''


  The mansion sure did look awful, paint was peeling off the sides off the house. There was many dents In the roof, the chimney was black with soot. Years ago people said a man lived In the mansion, they said that he kidnapped girls and killed them in the basement. I'm surprised this one woman lives in the house in the middle of no where. The mansion was very creepy looking, but I had my doubts that it was actually haunted.


  As I walked up the wooden stair case I stopped half way and turned to see if Zelo and Hanbyul where still following me. Climbing all the way up I set my bag down and run g the door bell.


  A while later a woman appeared, she was fairly young, maybe in her late twenties. she had big chocolate brown eyes and long cole black hair.


  ''Oh i'm so glad you made it! Not many people come out this way.'' she said her face lighting up, she must not get a lot of visitors out in this quite part of town.


  ''I'm Charlotte, what are your names?'' she asked.


  ''I'm Zelo'' Zelo said waving.


 Hanbyul set his bag down on the step and walked past me approaching charlotte, he took his two hands and clasped them over her right hand. ''It's a pleaser to meet you miss charlotte, I'm Hanbyul''


  She giggled and her cheeks turned a pinkish colour as he slipped his hands away walking back to his spot.


  I took off my hat and put my left arm across my waist ''I'm Hansol, leader of SHGF''


  She smiled, '' you must be the one who talks to ghosts'' she said.


  I nodded my head slightly '' Usually most of the places throughout town have fake ghost stories, but sense you're way off in the middle of no where in a creepy old mansion, you can never be sure. But I promise, what ever it is we will get to the bottom of this. Now, we need a extra room so we can set up our cameras'' I said


 She nodded quickly ''That wont be a problem, I have just the room, come on in'' she said motioning her hands to have us come inside.


  Hanbyul and Zelo walked past me and entered the mansion.


  I looked up at the top windows, the curtains swayed back and forth, a few seconds later a darck shadow appeared. I furrowed my eye brows and turned to the opened doors. ''hmm'' I said before walking inside.

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