My life sucks and just got worse starting today, August, late Summer came along and also a bunch of flesh eating lunatics. Now I am trying everything to SURVIVE, SAVE, and most importantly stop this... this APOCALYPSE!



I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring," BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! "ok, ok I'm up!" "Stupid piece of junk!" I slapped the off button lazily with my fist and stood myself up. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and yawned. "This is gonna be another terrific day!" I said with sarcasm. My name is Carly, Carly Rivera. I am 16 with long, brunette hair, with blue eyes, I'm decently tall and, I'm not really what you would call the most popular kid in school. I live in a small town called Woodland. It's a pretty stupid town if you ask me, but my parents refuse to move. I am also an only child so, I'm actually quite lonely if you ask me. Also, Most of the kids in my school which is called "Woodland High," are pretty much all jerks, so yea my life is just great!" I pulled my covers off my lap and got up, not even bothering to make my bed. I slid into my clothes which is pretty much the usual, skinny jeans and a tee-shirt. I walked downstairs into my kitchen towards my mom saying, "Good morning sweety, how are you?" she had a bright smile on like usual. "I'm  fine Mom," I responded. "I made you some waffles, your favorite!" "thanks," I muttered. I sat down at a nearby chair and started eating my waffles, chewing slowly. My mom placed the syrup down on the table for me to use and asked," Did you get enough sleep honey?" I didn't answer this time, I just stared at my plate like she didn't say anything. To be honest, I didn't get any sleep at all. I couldn't stop thinking about to bullies that always picked on me named Jenna, and Megan. Everyone hates them, I mean I don't understand, what did anyone ever do to them to make them so nasty, and rude. And the worst Part about it is I have to deal with them today... AGAIN and I'm to afraid to tell on them because they will probably send out really nasty rumors about me, and I really don't need that right now. The clock turned to 6:55, so I  plopped my plate and fork in the sink, Slung my backpack on my shoulder and my dad came rushing down the steps in a hurry. "Bye everyone, love you," he said quickly he kissed my mom on the cheek and hugged me than left in a jolt. I than hugged my mom. "Bye sweety, have a nice day!" "Bye I said and than swung the door open and lightly closed it shut.

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