Hannah is flying home for the new year of 2000. On the plane she meets a man called James, Meeting James changes her life forever that she thought that she might never get. But could that all change?


11. Surprise

I woke up in my bed. There was no one there so I called out

"Is there anybody there?"

"She's awake" I heard someone say.

James came in and held my hand and said

"Do you feel okay?"

"I think so" I replied." What happened I added?

"You fainted" he said.

"I feel fine now though" I said "Can I get up?"

"Okay but be careful, your still quite weak" he said.

So I got up and put on some clothes and went into the kitchen.

"Mum and dad I'm fine" I called.

"Thank goodness your okay" Said my mum.

She hugged me so did my dad. James appeared at the door and said

"I have a surprise for you" he said to me.

"I have booked us a date at a lovely place for dinner"

"Oh James that wonderful" I said hugging him.

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