Do I love you?

Rachel and AJ have been going out for 2 years but what happens when they go to Starbucks and Rachel meets Ashton? Will they stay together, break up, or break up and find their way back?


1. meeting new people

"GET AWAY FROM ME HARRY YOU KNOW I HAVE A BOYFRIEND." Harry always tries to make a move on me. "I'm sorry I never ment to make you mad" "WELL WEATHER YOU MENT TO DO IT OR NOT IT HAPPENED" he just walked away with a sad look in his face. He never did that before. I saw AJ (my boyfriend) and asked him if he wanted to go to Starbucks for lunch. (We were at school). "Hey AJ wanna go to Starbucks for lunch today?" "Sure lets go" when we got there I heard a very familiar song. When we got in I say my favorite band playing my favorite song!! 5SOS PLAYING HEARTBREAK GIRL!!!!! "OMGEEEEE AJ LOOK AT LOOK WHO IT IS!!!!!" "Yeah yeah nothing special" "NOTHING SPECIAL ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS BOY BANDS IS PLAYING RIGHT HERE IN STARBUCKS AND YOU THINK THATS NOTHING SPECIAL?????" "Yep" I ignored him and listened to them sing. I was watching Ashton the whole time. Wow that boy is perfect. When they were done I asked Ashton if I could have his autograph and a picture with him. He gave me his autograph and there were some numbers in it.. DID HE REALLY JUST GIVE ME HIS PHONE NUMBER????? I showed AJ and he got really mad. "WHAT YOU REALLY THINK IM GOING TO BE OK WITH SOMEONE IN A REALLY FAMOUS BOY BAND GIVING YOU THEIR PHONE NUMBER??" "Well it's not like

I have a chance with-" AJ cut me off. "OH SO YOU WANT TO GO OUT WITH THAT BITCH??" "WELL NOW I WANT TO EVEN MORE JUST FO MAKE YOU JEALOUS!" "WELL FINE IM BREAKING UP WITH YOU" "FINE I'D RATHER GO OUT WITH ASHTON THAN YOU ANY DAY!!" So AJ and I broke up and I tried calling the number on the autograph. "Hello" "hi is this Ashton?" "Yes who is this?" "Well like 10 minutes ago you gave me your number on an autograph" "oh right" "yea so we should meet up some time" "yeah I'd like that" "how about tomorrow at 3:00 at Starbucks" "ok and what was your name" "Rachel and I would ask yours but I kinda already know it" "haha alright well I'll see you tomorrow rachel" "ok bye". OMGEEEEE I JUST HADE A CONVERSATION WITH ASHTON!!!!

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